Keeping in touch…A message for our children of Yapton C of E Primary school

Dear children,

well we have arrived at the end of another sunny but strange week where our communication with each other is through various media platforms. It has been great to see all the amazing things that you are doing at home. Our school grown ups have been thinking of you and if you keep checking our website, you will see some of our grown ups have already recorded a story for you, or a song, or an art lesson.

Our Family Learning for week 2 will be on the website on  Monday morning.

Rev Richard is missing his Tuesday visit for our whole school Worship and has written a special prayer for you to pray with your home grown ups

Dear God,

It’s really strange at the moment.

Sometimes I feel happy,

Sometimes I feel sad,

And sometimes I feel worried.  

I miss family and friends,

I miss going out to play,

I miss shopping and McDonalds,

And I miss going to school.  

Help those who love and look after me,

Help the NHS, care givers, school staff and all key workers,

Help those who are sick, sad and lonely,

And help me with all my feelings.  

Be with everyoneAnd give us your love and your peace. In Jesus’ name. AMEN 

Take Care ….. keep being amazing

Mrs Huggett and all of the school grown ups  

Keeping in touch 24/04/2020

Dear Parents and Carers,
firstly I would like to say a tremendous WELL DONE to you all for the amazing activities, investigations, explorations and creations that have been happening in your homes. Yapton certainly has got talent !! We understand the challenges and are not expecting your homes to suddenly turn into ‘schools’. The most important thing is that you take care of each other and enable your children to feel calm and safe.Some of you have shared with us that your Maths skills may need some support. I have attached the link to NCETM website ( National Centre for Excellence in the teaching of Mathematics) which you may find helpful.
If you are a family waiting for a food voucher from Edenred , we have been in contact with them many times to hurry up the processing of the remaining vouchers. Thank you for your patience. 
We are here to support you, please email us if we can help you in any way at all. Use the office email and either Mr Hughes, Mrs Bayliss or myself will reply to you. . This week, we have posted welcome letters to all of our new families who will be starting school with us in September. 

Take Care …. 
Mrs Huggett and everyone at Yapton C of E Primary School.

Message for pupils: Beginning of the Summer Term 2020

Dear children,
all of the school grown ups have been thinking about you and are missing you. It seems very strange to have our Yapton C of E School family in so many different places at the moment. We are ringing each family in turn to speak to you or your home grown up to check that you are all Ok and if we can do anything for you. Please don’t worry if we haven’t phoned you yet, we will do. Mrs Bayliss is in charge of the phone calls this week.We hope that you enjoyed our recording of My Lighthouse for you…have a look on our website on our Twitter feed if you have not seen it already. We chose that hymn as it is one of our favourites from our Praise and Prayer Worship together on a Wednesday.Look out for our teachers reading their favourite stories for you, these are on our Twitter feed on our website.We are very excited to let you know that our FAMILY LEARNING plans start tomorrow. I have sent your home grown ups a message already about how to do this. The week will start with a film that you can watch as a family and then their are activities and work linked to that film for the rest of the week. This weeks film is FINDING NEMO !


We hope that you enjoy your FAMILY LEARNING and we look forward to seeing what you have created.Take Care…keep on being wonderful..

Mrs Huggett and all of the school grown ups at Yapton C of E Primary School

Beginning of Summer Term 2020 message for Parents/Carers

Dear Parents and Carers,
I hope that this message finds you safe and well.In normal times, we would be busy today getting uniforms/clothes ready, finding book bags and getting organised for the start of a new term (that’s the school grown ups !!). At the moment, we find ourselves at home to ensure that everyone keeps as safe as possible.It has been great to receive messages and examples of how busy you have all been at home. Some of you have managed to find us on Twitter !! Go to Twitter and find us …. Yapton C of E School.I am really excited to tell you about the launch of our FAMILY LEARNING plans which will be ready for you on the website every Monday morning. Go to the HOME LEARNING TAB on our website and then click on FAMILY LEARNING. The week will begin with a popular childrens film which you can watch together as a family, then there is a timetable for you to follow with all of the planning provided for you. English, Maths and Science have been differentiated for you into EYFS, Year 1 and 2, Year 3 and 4 and then Year 5 and 6.This will mean that some of the activities you can do as a family together and others are set according to the childrens year group. The film for Week 1 is ‘Finding Nemo’We have listened to feedback from you and have planned the Family Learning to help give more structure to your week, more focus in English Maths and Science for your children, whilst enabling you to have some family activities together.As always, please contact us on the email if you need us. Mrs Bayliss, Mr Hughes and I are managing this email address at the moment. If you need us to call you then please put the telephone number for us to use in your email.
Take Care

Mrs Huggett

Letter To Parents/Guardians 14/04/2020

Dear Parents and Carers, We hope that you were able to enjoy the sunshine over the Easter weekend. If the Easter bunny has left you with a huge amount of chocolate, the BBC Good Food Guide has some great cookery ideas for children.
If you are a family who have been waiting for the electronic Food Vouchers, I am pleased to tell you that we have at last been able to process them today. Please check your emails. The company that we have used for this is Edenred. thank you for your patience whilst we tried to arrange these vouchers.


 Just to remind you that we do hold Foodbank Vouchers in school. If you need a voucher, please email us at and we will arrange this with you.
Kind Regards

Mrs Huggett

Letter to Parents / Carers 9/04/2020

Dear Parents / Carers,
As we come to the end of what would have been the first week of the Easter holidays, I hope that this message finds you safe and well.It has been great to see the variety of home learning that has been taking place. There have certainly been a lot of amazing cakes that have been baked.As we are working with a skeleton staff, for the time being, all Parent Mails will be sent to all parents/carers as our filters seem to be compromised when working from home. We will ensure that the title of the Parent Mail is clear so you will know if it is something that you need to read, or not !
Our office email ( is currently in use for everyone and is regularly checked and responded to by Mrs Bayliss, Mr Hughes or myself. Please use this to contact us if you need us.
You will have read some news and twitter reports yesterday that schools will open after Easter, these were not based on factual information, we have not had any directive from the Government to change anything at this point in time.
The entries that we have received so far for the  Easter Egg Head competition are really clever…the judges are going to have an eggstra tricky time deciding on the winners. If you haven’t entered yet, please do !!
Some good news…. the Easter Bunny has been declared as a Key Worker … so will need to keep working !!!Take Care of yourselves and your families, we are here if you need us. The Lord bless you and keep you; 
The Lord make his face to shine upon you and be gracious to you; 
The Lord turn his face towards you and give you peace.   

Mrs Huggett and all of the staff at Yapton C of E Primary School 

Easter Message for Pupils 9/04/2020

Dear children,

what a sunny first week of what would have been the Easter holidays ! We hope that you have enjoyed some sunshine aswell as the amazing baking, arts and crafts, maths, writing and gardening that you have been doing. We have really enjoyed seeing your incredible work.Some of you have been in school with us this week and we wanted to make sure that those of you who aren’t in school know that we are thinking of you. so, in our school windows that face onto North End Road at the front of the school, there are rainbows, hearts and messages for you to see when you are out on your once day exercise time. If you would like to join in with us, please make a green heart (our school uniform is green… that’s why we have chosen green ) and put it in one of your windows so that your friends can look for the green hearts aswell.  The entries to the Easter Egg Head competition so far have been EGGS-TRA-ORDINARY !!!

If you have entered yet then don’t worry, there is still time… send a photo of your entry to our email for the judges to see.

Some GOOD NEWS … the EASTER BUNNY is a Key Worker and will still be working !! But please be patient and understanding if the normal Easter Delivery looks slightly different this year !!

In our Whole School Worship time, we would have been reflecting on the power of the Easter Story and the Jelly Bean Prayer is a popular prayer in many schools so we would like to share it with you.Take Care, keep being wonderful you …  

From Mrs Huggett and all of the staff at Yapton C of E Primary School.

Message for pupils 3/04/2020

Happy Easter message for Yapton C of E Primary School pupils

Dear children, it has been a very strange end to our Spring term. We haven’t been able to carry out the exciting activities that we had planned for you. We hope that you have been enjoying the sunshine and time with your families. The emails that you have sent us to show us your home-learning have been amazing, there are some talented artists, poets, bakers, mathematicians and authors in our school family. On Monday it will be for many of you the beginning of the Easter holidays. If you are at home during this time, please look on our school website on Monday morning for some Easter challenges and activities. There is also an ‘eggs-citing’ competition for you to enter too!! If you are one of our families who need to continue coming in to school, please don’t worry, we have lots of exciting activities planned for you and you can also enter the competition. Our  email will be available if you need to contact us during the next two weeks. We hope you have a Happy Easter,
Take Care

Mrs Huggett and all of the staff at Yapton C of E Primary School.

letter to parents 3/04/2020

Dear Parents / Carers,
As we come to what would have been the end of our Spring term, I would like to say thank you to you for sending in such creative and amazing work. It has been great to see the variety of work, baking, crafting and other activities. On Monday, there will be some Easter related challenges and activities for you to do with your family over the next two weeks, which would have been the Easter holidays. Look out for an eggs-citing competition too !!It is an unusual way to end a term and begin a school holiday, some will enjoy the freedom away from school, whereas others may find it more challenging. I would like to draw your attention to an updated offer from MIND West Sussex and have included the link for you in-case you feel you need some extra support at this time, that perhaps the staff at school would not be able to give you . has been great talking to many of our families this week who are not in school with us at the moment. Please don’t worry if you weren’t contacted this week, we are going to contact every family over the next couple of weeks, or leave a message for you if you are not available to talk.We now have a twitter page : Yapton C. of E. Primary School : we will tweet updates and helpful information or activities you may find interesting.Have a Happy Easter with your families.

Take Care
Mrs K Huggett