Influenza Nasal Spray Vaccination – 4th November 2020

Dear Parents and Carers,
 On Wednesday 4th November 2020 School nurses from the Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust will be in school to carry out the 2020 Influenza Primary Vaccine Programme.  In the next 2 days every pupil  in school will bring home a Consent Form for you to complete and return to school by Monday 5th October 2020. Please ensure you return your form to consent or decline the influenza vaccine.
I have attached a Public Health England Flu Information Leaflet and Flu Booklet for children for your information.

Friday News for Families 25.09.20

Dear parents and carers ,
we have been introducing the core subjects of reading, writing and maths this week as part of our Exploration Fortnight. The children have worked really hard. Please can they have a rest over this weekend as they are probably feeling tired.
These will be on Monday 19th October. There will be NO PE on that day so that all of the children can look smart in their uniform.
As we move through the term and are now needing trainers, water bottles, reading books etc to be transported to and from school, it may be useful for the children to have a small rucksack or bag.
Please find attached an invite from Rev. Richard to take part in an exciting ‘Messy Church’ event.
Please can you ensure that your children are NOT playing on the playground equipment before or after school.
We are unable to hold our Harvest celebrations in the Church this year. We are excited to share with you our alternative arrangements.
The week beginning 28th September we would ask if each family could bring a tin or packet of food for Bognor Foodbank. We will have a box at the front of the school by the office and one by the steps at the staff entrance to collect your donations.
We are going to be creating our own Harvest Prayer Space at the front of the school. The children will be reflecting on all that they are thankful for and creating pumpkin themed decorations for our oak tree. Please find attached an invitation for families and our local church to be involved too. Rev Richard will be sharing this invite with his parishioners.
Have a fabulous weekend. We look forward to seeing you on Monday for the second week of our ‘Exploration Fortnight’.
Take Care
Kim Huggett

Welcome Fortnight Evaluation 21.09.2020

‘Welcome Fortnight’ Evaluation

Dear parents and carers ,
thank you to the children, home grown ups, staff and governors who responded to our request for feedback about our ‘Welcome Fortnight’. I have summarised the response and would like to share with you the main themes and the resulting action we are going to take as a school.
WWW: What Went Well?
  • The children are happy in school
  • The children feel safe
  • The recovery curriculum provision in the first two weeks was fun
  • The opportunity to meet the teachers
  • The children are keen to come to school
  • The children enjoyed the outdoor focus
EBI: Even Better If
  • Children waited calmly next to their parents and did not run around
  • The ‘only 1 home grown up’ at the school was carried out by all families
  • Teenage children are only at school if they are the 1 person to collect the child
  • Adults do not congregate together in groups
  • Adults do not hang around at the school waiting for their friends
  • Families arrive at the correct times and are not here early and therefore queueing
I would like to clarify the rationale behind our decision making with regard to the staggered starts and lunchtimes.
The staggered starts are in place to reduce the footfall entering and leaving the school at any time. We have two start and end times for the school day to enable this to happen. The DfE have been very clear that no learning time should be lost as a result of this arrangement. We have  therefore reduced lunchtime by 15 minutes for each bubble to accommodate this. In addition, as we have 7 ‘bubble sittings’ for lunch, we have to allocate 15 minutes per bubble in the Log Cabin to remain within the working pattern of Chartwells our hot food provider. We have asked for a healthy snack to help support the children.
Please can all families be clear about the expectation of
  • only 1 adult to be on the school run,
  • ensure that children stand quietly and remain with their adult,
  • families do not wait for other families on our school site
  • teenagers are only at school if they are the 1 family member allocated to collect children from school
FROM TUESDAY 22/09/2020 
Thank you for taking the time to feedback to us.
These are unusual times and we must continue to work together, placing the children at the centre of our actions.
Take care
Kim Huggett

Friday News for Families 18.09.20

Dear Parents and Carers ,
what a busy two weeks!! It has been great to welcome everyone back and to hear and feel the buzz of chatter, laughter and friendships.
We now look forward to our ‘Exploration Fortnight’ when we will re-introduce the core subjects of reading, writing and maths. The teachers will be working with your children to see where their strengths are and where they might need either challenging or support. The children will be bringing home reading books and reading journals. All books that return to school will go into a ‘special box’ for 72 hours before being put back into our Library or class reading areas.
The timetables for PE and Forest School are attached to this ParentMail. On the days that your child has PE, please send them in to school wearing their PE kits. The children will need to have trainers in school on the other days so that they can run the ‘Daily Mile’. It may be easier to keep their trainers in school all week and wear their school shoes to school with their PE kit and change into trainers at school. All PE will be outside due to current guidance. For Forest School, the children will need clothes that are suitable for the weather that day. Please don’t send children to Forest School in their best clothes!
I am delighted to tell you that Mrs Bowles is expecting a baby in February 2021. Congratulations to Mr and Mrs Bowles. Her two boys, Archie and Tommy are going to be wonderful big brothers. Mrs Horrex has kindly arranged to increase her days from 2 to 3, so she will take the lead for Pevensey class. We will be advertising for a teacher to cover the maternity leave for two days per week. We will let you know as soon as we have finalised the appointment.
As we adjust to our new ways at the beginning and the end of the day, it is really important to ensure that
  • children stay with their home grown ups sensibly and calmly
  • adults are respectful of social distancing
  • families do not arrive too early and form a queue (we will open the gates at 8.40 and 2.55 to give you plenty of time to be ready to bring or collect your child)
Have a great weekend. We look forward to seeing you all on Monday.
Take Care
Kim Huggett

Friday News for Families 11.9.20

Dear Parents and Carers,
WOW! We are already at the end of our first week back as a school family. There has been lots of fun, new friendships developing, old friendships continuing and of course…hand washing !!
“It has been really good, because we have had fun and know that we are safe” Alice Y6
“It was scary at first but it got easier and I am having more fun now” Lucy Y5
We are looking forward to meeting with you next week. Please remember to bring your questionnaire so that we can look at how we can support you and your family as we move forward through the term. In order to reduce the amount of adults at school at the same time, we can only meet with ONE adult per family.
We continue to ask that only ONE family member accompanies the children only to the school premises.
We ask that social distancing requirements are kept to whilst on our school premises and as you leave.
Thank you to those families who have provided a healthy snack to help with the early/late lunch situation. Normally schools would ask for fruit, however we understand the concerns regarding fruit and accept that snacks like bread sticks and fruit bars may be preferable at the moment as they are in a sealed packet.
The children are washing their hands regularly with soap and water. We ask that individual sanitisers are not sent in to school.
Our ‘Welcome Fortnight’ continues. The children in Early Years will wear their uniform and the rest of the school will wear their PE kits. Please check the Forest School timetable so that you can make sure your child is ready for some fun in the forest.
Enjoy the sunshine this weekend. We look forward to seeing you on Monday.
Take Care
Kim Huggett

Information Update 7.09.2020

Dear Parents and Carers,
it was great to welcome everyone back to school and to meet our new EYFS children who joined Camber Class and Lewes Class today.
As we are navigating our way through a new normal, there are going to be areas of organisation that we need to adapt at times.
School Uniform
please make sure that ALL school uniform is clearly labelled.
The start and end of the school day
Please make sure that only 1 adult from your family comes to school for the start and end of the day.
Please make sure that you do not arrive too early to avoid extra people being at school.
Please continue to respect the social distancing requirements when you come to school.
Left-over PE kit etc
These items have been outside the school office since Friday for you to come and collect. Wednesday will be the last day.
School bags
We are trying to encourage a reduction of equipment and items being transported between home and school. If your child needs to have a school bag to carry their belongings, please can it be as small as possible and only if necessary.
Reading books
If your child has their own reading book from home, it will be kept with them on the table each day or in their drawer. If we send home reading books from school to you at home, they will have been ‘left’ for 72 hours before being given to you.
Term dates and INSET Days
Please find attached the dates of the remaining INSET days and term dates for this academic year.
Kind Regards
Kim Huggett

For recent posts please Information clarification 3.09.2020

Dear Parents and Carers ,
we have had some queries about arrangements for our return to school on Monday 7th September. I hope that this message helps to clarify our arrangements for you. I realise that over the past few months, you have received a lot of information from us! Thank you for your patience and your support in working with us.
Originally we had planned to put in place a transition morning for the children to spend time with their previous teacher before moving on to their new class. However, the guidance changed and we were unable to continue with this idea. We have planned the Y-FEST as a fun way to start back to school together with their new teacher. All of the teachers are busy in school today filming a welcome video for you to watch. You will see the classroom and the way that you will need to enter and leave the school site.
Due to the ‘bubble’ system, as you know, there will be 7 sittings for lunch. This may mean that your child will have either an earlier, or later lunch than usual. We asked you to provide a healthy snack for your child so that they can adjust to these timings without being hungry.
The outdoor PE kit (sweatshirt and joggers) need to be plain. The colour does not matter.
We are looking forward to seeing you all on Monday.
Kim Huggett