Weekly News for Families 27.11.20

Dear Parents and Carers ,
thank you for your understanding this week when your children have been taught by a supply teacher. We have had a few members of staff who have needed to be at home as their own children’s classes had been shut in other schools. The usual class teacher leaves the planning for the lessons that need to be taught, so the children are able to continue with their learning. Please bear with us as we continue to try to keep every class open.
As you know, Mrs Bowles is due to have her baby in February. In line with medical and Union recommendations, Mrs Bowles will need to shield from 28 weeks. Her last day in Pevensey Class will be on Wednesday 2nd December. Mr Wynne will be teaching the class in place of Mrs Bowles for the last two weeks of term, with Mrs Horrex teaching her usual days. The children know Mr Wynne as he has been covering in this class on a few occasions this term. We have appointed a lovely experienced teacher for the actual maternity cover. We will welcome Mrs Sarah Duymun in January 2021. Mrs Duymun will be with us for 3 terms, until 31st December 2021. Mrs Duymun will teach on a Monday and Tuesday, with Mrs Horrex kindly increasing her days to Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.
Rev Richard and our local Church have kindly offered to make up ‘Breakfast, Food and Personal Hygiene Boxes’ for any family that may need them for the Christmas holiday period. Please email us using the office2@yaptonschool.org email. Mr Hughes and I will then be able to organise this for you. Please state which food box or boxes you will need.
We have thought carefully about how we can celebrate Christmas in school and let the children have the fun that they would have in normal times! Please read the attachments to see what we are going to be doing ! It will be different this year but we think that the children will enjoy what we have got planned for them. Some parents have asked about gifts for staff, that can still happen as the gifts can be quarantined by the school staff. We finish our Autumn term on Friday 18th December at the usual time.
Have a great weekend and we look forward to seeing you on Monday.
Mrs Huggett

Weekly News for Families 20.11.20

Dear Parents and Carers, 
thank you to everyone who donated to the Poppy Appeal this year. We raised £311.00! We have received a lovely card from the Royal British Legion thanking us.
Our school Christmas Dinner this year is on Wednesday 16th December 2020.
If you have a child in EYFS or KS1, they are entitled to UFSM (Universal Free School Meals) so will be able to have a Christmas Dinner. Please let the office know if they would like to join in by emailing office@yaptonschool.org by Sunday 6th December at the latest.
If you have a child in KS2 who is entitled to FSM (Free School Meals) and they would like a Christmas Dinner please email the office on office@yaptonschool.org by Sunday 6th December at the latest.
If you have a child in KS2 who is not entitled to FSM you can book their meal through Chartwells (our meal provider), this needs to be done by Sunday 6th December at the latest.
We will finalise our plans for Christmas and let you know next week. We are having to plan very differently this year due to the COVID restrictions whilst making sure that the children have fun !
Over the coming weeks it may be necessary for us to employ supply staff from a teaching agency in order to keep classes open and cover staff who may be isolating or have young children whose Nursery or school class has shut for isolation. We will try and secure one of our regular supply teachers, but at times this may not be possible. 
Please be careful when parking nearby or crossing North End Road. Our lovely Lollypop Lady Mrs Fenneymore is there to help you and your family cross the road.
Have a restful weekend and we look forward to seeing you on Monday
Take Care
Kim Huggett

Weekly News for Families 13.11.20

Dear parents and carers ,

our Remembrance Garden has been admired by local residents in the village and provided a stunning focus for when the whole school gathered safely outside on Wednesday at 11am to mark Remembrance Day, even the postman stayed to join in!


Please continue to be vigilant when out and about with your children and particularly if your children are out on their own, with regard to the sightings of a black van in nearby Lyminster.

Please make sure that you cross North End Road with Mrs Fenneymore our lovely Lollipop lady.


Please find attached our rationale and arrangements in preparation for if remote learning needs to take place. This week, all of the children have brought home various packs and resources ready for any isolation or if classes need to be closed for a period of time. The attached information explains how these resources will be used and linked to Google Classroom.


Mr Hughes will remain out of class next week and I will need to continue to work from home. Unfortunately my husband has tested positive for COVID and therefore my children and I need to continue to isolate following the guidance. I am in constant contact with school, but must remain at home. I will be back in school on Monday 23rd November.

Have a fabulous weekend

Take Care

Kim Huggett

Weekly News for Families 6.11.20

Dear Parents and Carers ,
our ‘Welcome Back Week of Hope’ had a fantastic finish today. We gathered as a whole school out on our playground (ensuring that class bubbles were distanced) and each class had the opportunity to show the rest of the school their special circle. Our Remembrance Garden was completed and each class visited in turn to plant their poppies. I have attached a couple of photos for you to see.
Rev Richard has organised a Messy Church with a Remembrance theme and warmly invites families to take part. Please use the link below
The children have come home today with their personal log-ins for Google Classroom.
For further details on how this works, please go to the REMOTE LEARNING TAB on our school website. We have set up the online classroom in case we need to close a whole class. For individual families who need to isolate, a knowledge organiser based on the current topic/theme for your child will be emailed to you from our school office.
Have a restful weekend and we look forward to seeing you on Monday.
Kim Huggett

Welcome Back 2.11.20

 Dear Parents and Carers,

welcome back to school after a very wet half-term! The children have had a very settled day today and have enjoyed beginning their learning about Remembrance Day and the value of Hope. I thought it was important that amidst the uncertainty at the moment, you knew what a positive start we have had here in school today.
Some of the children have asked if the lock-down from Thursday will mean that they stay at home. We have explained that this lock-down is slightly different to the first one as schools will be open fully to ALL children and we will carry on as we are, unless we have to close classes due to any positive cases.
You will receive your parental instructions for Google Classroom as well as your child’s login in/password for their classroom very soon. We will create a new tab on the website called November 2020 and the parental instructions and relevant links will be there for you to refer to. Your child will bring their log in/password home with them. We have a database of all the information required for Google Classroom and can reference this if you lose the details for child to access this.
Thank you to those families who remembered to bring in the plastic bottles today. We really need each child to bring in a plastic bottle as soon as possible please.
I have attached our prayer for November for you to share at home.
Please be mindful of our arrangements for adults on our playground when bringing or collecting children from school.
In addition, please do not wait for friends on our playground or on the pavements near to the school as this causes ‘pinch points’ and heightens both the risk factor and anxiety for other families.
These are unusual times and it is important that we continue to work together. If we can support you and your family in any way then please let us know, either by talking to one of us outside school at the beginning or end of the school day, or by emailing office2@yaptonschool.org .
Take Care
Kim Huggett