Key Stage 2 Cricket Club

Dear Parents and Carers,
There has been a fantastic uptake on our extra-curricular clubs and I am pleased to tell you we have a new Key Stage 2 Cricket Club to offer.
This will take place on Friday afternoons from 3:20pm-4:15pm and there is no charge.
Please use this link to reserve a place.
Kind regards,
Chris Hughes
Deputy Headteacher


Dear Parents and Carers,
Following the concerns raised by some parents regarding the first session of Tennis Club last Thursday, I contacted the Manager of Activ8 for Kids. I explained the situation regarding the attitude and communication of the coaches. I was clear in my communication that this was unacceptable.
As a result, the club have followed an internal investigation based on their company complaints procedure and this has been shared with me. The coach in question has formally apologised and will not be taking Tennis Club at our school again. A new coach will be here tomorrow to partner the other original coach.
The session will involve mini games of tennis combined with some skills training.
I really appreciate your honesty and feedback, it means that we can work together to get the best for the children.
Kind regards,
Kim Huggett