Dear Parents and Carers,
Thank you to all of the families who came to our ‘Time To Shine’ this afternoon. The children were really excited to share their work.
Spring is on its way! There are many signs of Spring around the school at the moment…snowdrops, catkins, daffodils, tulips. Have you seen them?
Congratulations to our Y6 children who completed their Bikeability this week. The instructors commented on the exemplary behaviour and manners displayed by the children. Well done to all of our young bikers who took part.
We have a final total from our Reindeer Run in December. We have raised the amazing total of £2,190.00!! This is incredible. Thank you so much for all of the donations.
WORLD BOOK DAY – 3rd March 2022
We are really excited to be celebrating World Book Day on Thursday 3rd March. We would like to invite the children to dress up as a character from their favourite book.
The costume does not need to be expensive or brand new so please don’t worry.
The teachers are going to share their favourite book and plan the learning from their chosen text.
We look forward to seeing you all on Monday, please remember that we finish for half term on Thursday 17th February at the normal time.
Have a great weekend.
Take care
Kim Huggett


Dear Parents and Carers,
We are looking forward to seeing you for ‘TIME TO SHINE’ at 3.15pm and 3.20pm today. The sun is indeed shining as well!
We will have all of our doors and windows open as per the guidance.
Any adults attending this event must wear a mask as it will be inside the school building. This is in line with the guidance that the school grown ups will be following.
We ask that this is respected by all who are attending.
Thank you
Kim Huggett