Dear Parents and Carers,
I have attached the key dates for the Summer Term that we previously sent home so that families are able to plan for the last few weeks of term. There have been some queries about dates so I wanted to clarify this for you.
Our last day in school is Thursday 21st July and the school holidays will begin on Friday 22nd July. This is due to the Queen’s Jubilee Bank Holiday falling in the May half term.
We have also had some queries about Sports Day and the picnic, so I have copied the previous information that has been sent out for you below.
Sports Day and Family Picnic
Our school Sports Day is on the morning of Friday 15th July which will be followed by a family picnic. Chartwells will not be providing hot meals on this day. The school will order a Chartwells packed lunch for those children who are entitled to a Free School Meal. Families who normally order a hot meal do have the option to order a packed lunch instead of a hot meal through the normal process.
Some of you have been asking about when children are going home after the Sports Day.
We anticipate the picnic finishing at about 1pm which is the time that our afternoon sessions would normally begin. Children will not be released at this time. We will continue our school day as normal.
I hope that this helps.
Take care
Kim Huggett

Weekly News For Families – 26.06.22

Dear Parents and Carers,
I can’t believe we are already at the end of Week 3 of the second half of the summer term!
Half-Way Learning Pit Stop
Here’s a Half-Way Learning Pitstop of some of the amazing learning that has been happening recently:
“We are making our own Worship.  The toys are the children and we are writing some prayers.” (Bonnie, Lily B and Thea in Camber Class)
“We are learning about Australia – we know that koalas and kangaroos live there.” (Reggie and Letty in Lewes Class)
“In Australia it is hot and in the winter, when it is Christmas, it is still hot!” (Jake and Scarlett in Amberley Class)
“We have published our travel brochure leaflets.  We have also experimented with primary colours to create secondary colours.  We used red, yellow and blue to make black and discovered we had to use even amounts!” (Poppy C, Poppy W, Dexter and Alex M in Bramber Class)
“We have been looking at a book called ‘Jumangi’ because it was written in 1981 and we are leanrnng about the decade of the 1980s.  We are writing our own versions of the story to scare our friends in Years 5 and 6!” (Lilli M and Sneha in Southsea Class)
“Yesterday, we were drafting our story based on the text ‘Jumangi’.  We have changed some of the story to make our own version.  Our audience in Year 5 and 6: we are hoping to impress them.
“I’ve learnt a lot about Australia.  I’ve learnt about the 80s – this decade was full of neon colours.  Vivienne Westward used to put her hair up in crazy ways!” (Kaitlyn and Tahlia in Portchester Class)
“We have been learning about the Windrush Generation.  In our Art books, we have been planning to make a sculpture inspired the Windrush stories.  We have to show a symbol of strength, peace and harmony that represent these values.  We have to create the pose to then form our sculptures.” (Teresa and Evie KC in Hastings Class)
“We have been learning about Floella Benjamin.  She was part of the Windrush Generation.  She is now a Baroness so sits in the House of Lords.” (Freddie and Evie M in Arundel Class)
“We have learnt how to draw humans so that we could put them into a pose to create a sculpture.  The sculpture will represent feelings and emotions about the Windrush.  We also saw Prince William unveil the winning Windrush sculpture at Waterloo Station in London.” (Toni and Sofia in Bodiam Class)
As you can the children have been very busy.  We can’t wait to see the final outcomes for many of the things the children have been talking so excitedly about.
School Summer Discos
The Summer Discos will take place on the last day of term – Thursday 21st of July.  The EYFS/KS1 disco will be at 3:30pm-4:30pm (the children will bring their disco clothes to school and get changed after school); The KS2 disco will be from 4:45pm to 6pm.  Tickets for these discos are £2 per child which need to be be paid through ParentPay.  Please look out for a separate ParentMail letter with more details regarding this.
Enjoy the weekend – look out for the Red Arrows who will be flying over Goodwood…!
Take care
Kim Huggett 

Year 6 Diocesan Leavers’ Service, Production Costumes and Leavers’ Hoodies

Dear Parents and Carers,
Year 6 Diocesan Leavers’ Service 
Just a quick reminder the Year 6 children will be going to Chichester Cathedral on Monday 27th June to take part in the Diocesan Leavers’ Service.  It is vital the children are looking their smartest in full school uniform (no PE kits).
The service starts at 1:15pm and it would lovely to see as many parents and carers there as well.
Year 6 Production Costumes
Rehearsals for out Year 6 production of ‘School Daze’ are well underway.  The children are bringing home details of what costumes they need to wear.  I have tried to keep the costumes as simple as possible, so that there isn’t any need to spend lots of money of any item.  At the beginning of next week, I will also send out a ‘wish-list’ of any particular items of clothing that could be borrowed.  Details regarding tickets for the performances of the production (2pm and 6pm on Thursday 14th July) will also be sent out in the near future.
Year 6 Leavers’ Hoodies
The children have been given their Leavers’ Hoodies today.  They are all very excited to have them!  These can be worn into school on the days the children have PE and will therefore be wearing their PE kit.
There are still lots of things going on for the Year 6s as the end of the term approaches and it is pleasing to see they are showing a positive attitude towards their learning.  If you have any questions about transition into secondary school or anything else regarding the last few weeks of term, please talk to your child’s class teacher.
Kind regards
Chris Hughes
Deputy Headteacher


Dear Parents and Carers,
Another week has flown by! The children have continued to work extremely hard in spite of such high temperatures. Please make sure that their water bottles are filled and that they have sun hats for school.
We held our auditions for our Y6 performance ‘School Daze’ on Monday. There was such a wealth of talent. The children had worked extremely hard to prepare and it made the decision making for Mr Hughes and I particularly hard! Well done to all of you.
Please find attached details of a John Lewis Fathers Day Quiz. 
The DfE have asked schools to send information to families regarding Covid-19 vaccinations for children of primary school age.  To find this information, please click here.
In our Community Circles this week we discussed the question ‘How can home and school work together to help me learn?’ We will look at the children’s responses and use them to create a ‘Partnership’ document that we will share in with you in September. We would very much like to hear from you as families as well. What would your response be to the question that we asked the children? On Thursday 7th July we are holding two Parent-Partnership Meetings where you can share your ideas. The first will be at 9.00-9.30am and the second will be at 2.40pm-3.10pm. Both meetings will be in our Log Cabin. Please come along. If you are unable to attend, please email your thoughts using our email. Thank you.
Have a lovely weekend. Stay safe whilst the heat stays with us!
Take care
Kim Huggett

PSHE and SRE in Summer 2

Dear Parents and Carers,
As you know, our PSHE curriculum is delivered through a scheme called JIGSAW.  Every half term, the learning is based around a singular theme.  For example, back in September the theme was ‘Being Me’ and at the beginning of the spring term. the children were learning about ‘Dreams and Goals’.
This half term, the theme is ‘Changing Me’ which delivers the statutory requirement of the Relationships Education, Health Education and Sex Education (RHSE) objectives within the PHSE curriculum.
Even though many of our children are in mixed-aged classes, they will only be split into discrete year groups for the teaching of this topic.
Details of the content of the RHSE curriculum have already been shared with you when we began using JIGSAW.  Attached is the guide for parents and carers published by JIGSAW.  Please read this carefully.  
Although SRE is statutory, parents and carers do have the right to request their child be excused from RSE sessions (this is commonly referred to as the right to withdraw).  Please follow this link which gives you more details regarding this.
After reading the two documents, if you have any further questions please talk to your child’s class teacher.
Kind regards
Chris Hughes
Deputy Headteacher


Dear Parents and Carers,
What a fabulous first four days! Our youngest children had their boarding passes at the ready and flew to Australia, our Y3/Y4 children cut some retro shapes at their 80s disco whilst our oldest children planned, prepared and delivered a ‘Corridor Carnival’. It was certainly a very busy day here on Tuesday! We can’t wait to share the children’s work with you at our ‘Time To Shine’ on Friday 8th July at the end of the school day. Yesterday we walked to Church for our Pentecost Worships. We reflected on the power of the occasion and how that power is reflected in us within our daily lives. We sent out our ‘Tennis Team’ today to compete against other local Primary Schools. Well done to Bradley, Cierra, Lilianna, Tilly, Jake, Brooke, Logan and Jack. Thank you to all of our families who have supported us this week.
I have attached our School Improvement Priorities for 2022-2023. Our plan runs in line with the financial year so that we can be sure that we are able to afford our improvements. We have slightly adjusted our current plan to address the targets that were set by the Inspection team.
Our INSET training on Monday 6th June focussed on how we are delivering ‘first quality teaching’ to our children who have additional needs whilst ensuring that we meet their needs by additional bespoke interventions that are personal to them. We are thinking carefully about our ‘Universal Provision’ which this is the curriculum offer that that happens day to day in each classroom. For example, visual daily timetables, access to concrete resources and clear working walls that scaffold the children’s learning. From this, we are developing a ‘Graduated Response’ that details interventions within the class, observations made by school staff, data and conversations with families. Moving on from this is the detailed support plan for individual children. These support plans will detail clear and measurable targets. They will run for a 6 week period (a half-term) with a mid-review in week 3. There will be clear milestones and progress will be measured and recorded inline with the milestones. These new plans will be ready for September. Support for our children with additional needs will not stop between now and September- it will continue. The refined model of provision will be ready for September.
We also looked at our ‘wider curriculum’ (Art & Design, History, Geography, Design Technology, Music, P.E, Modern Foreign Languages for KS2, P.S.H.E-Jigsaw, Computing) and planned the next steps to develop these areas of learning. Over the remainder of this half-term and into the Autumn term, we will be refining our ‘wider learning’ curriculum so that it is as robust as our other subject areas. We re-wrote our curriculum ready for September 2019 so that the topics and texts were rich and meaningful. We then crafted our core curriculum ( English, Maths, Science, R.E and PSHE-Jigsaw) to deliver high quality teaching and learning. We had begun our work on our ‘wider learning’ but were somewhat thwarted by COVID. Our Inspection Report recognises both the strength of our ‘core curriculum’ and the determination shown in our journey to enhance our ‘wider learning’. When this work is completed, we will share it with you.
I have attached our prayer for June, which we are sharing together in school this month. It talks of the ‘Holy Spirit’ and links to the celebration of Pentecost.
You may have seen that we have begun to create an Outdoor Prayer Space at the front of our school with a wooden cross, solar lights and shrubs in a wooden planter surrounding this. We have also built a wooden bench around the oak tree. We will use this for our school community, both for special occasions and for classes to use when they wish. We have also invited Rev Richard and our local Church community to visit on a Sunday.
Have a fantastic weekend.
Take care
Kim Huggett


Dear Parents and Carers,
Unfortunately during the holiday some of our pupils have contracted chickenpox and are away from school.  These pupils are mostly in Key Stage 1, but there are a few cases in Key Stage 2.
To reduce the risk of contamination we will try and keep the Key Stages apart as much as possible during the school day.
If your child has or becomes infected with Chickenpox, the guidance is to keep them away from people (children and adults) until the spots have scabbed over, this usually happens within 5 or 6 days after the rash appeared.  
Kind regards
Shelley Farrell