Dear Parents and Carers,
What a fabulous first four days! Our youngest children had their boarding passes at the ready and flew to Australia, our Y3/Y4 children cut some retro shapes at their 80s disco whilst our oldest children planned, prepared and delivered a ‘Corridor Carnival’. It was certainly a very busy day here on Tuesday! We can’t wait to share the children’s work with you at our ‘Time To Shine’ on Friday 8th July at the end of the school day. Yesterday we walked to Church for our Pentecost Worships. We reflected on the power of the occasion and how that power is reflected in us within our daily lives. We sent out our ‘Tennis Team’ today to compete against other local Primary Schools. Well done to Bradley, Cierra, Lilianna, Tilly, Jake, Brooke, Logan and Jack. Thank you to all of our families who have supported us this week.
I have attached our School Improvement Priorities for 2022-2023. Our plan runs in line with the financial year so that we can be sure that we are able to afford our improvements. We have slightly adjusted our current plan to address the targets that were set by the Inspection team.
Our INSET training on Monday 6th June focussed on how we are delivering ‘first quality teaching’ to our children who have additional needs whilst ensuring that we meet their needs by additional bespoke interventions that are personal to them. We are thinking carefully about our ‘Universal Provision’ which this is the curriculum offer that that happens day to day in each classroom. For example, visual daily timetables, access to concrete resources and clear working walls that scaffold the children’s learning. From this, we are developing a ‘Graduated Response’ that details interventions within the class, observations made by school staff, data and conversations with families. Moving on from this is the detailed support plan for individual children. These support plans will detail clear and measurable targets. They will run for a 6 week period (a half-term) with a mid-review in week 3. There will be clear milestones and progress will be measured and recorded inline with the milestones. These new plans will be ready for September. Support for our children with additional needs will not stop between now and September- it will continue. The refined model of provision will be ready for September.
We also looked at our ‘wider curriculum’ (Art & Design, History, Geography, Design Technology, Music, P.E, Modern Foreign Languages for KS2, P.S.H.E-Jigsaw, Computing) and planned the next steps to develop these areas of learning. Over the remainder of this half-term and into the Autumn term, we will be refining our ‘wider learning’ curriculum so that it is as robust as our other subject areas. We re-wrote our curriculum ready for September 2019 so that the topics and texts were rich and meaningful. We then crafted our core curriculum ( English, Maths, Science, R.E and PSHE-Jigsaw) to deliver high quality teaching and learning. We had begun our work on our ‘wider learning’ but were somewhat thwarted by COVID. Our Inspection Report recognises both the strength of our ‘core curriculum’ and the determination shown in our journey to enhance our ‘wider learning’. When this work is completed, we will share it with you.
I have attached our prayer for June, which we are sharing together in school this month. It talks of the ‘Holy Spirit’ and links to the celebration of Pentecost.
You may have seen that we have begun to create an Outdoor Prayer Space at the front of our school with a wooden cross, solar lights and shrubs in a wooden planter surrounding this. We have also built a wooden bench around the oak tree. We will use this for our school community, both for special occasions and for classes to use when they wish. We have also invited Rev Richard and our local Church community to visit on a Sunday.
Have a fantastic weekend.
Take care
Kim Huggett