Dear Parents and Carers,

we had a school full of reindeer to finish our term! The Reindeer Runs were completed outside. Please return your envelopes in January if you haven’t done so already. Thank you.

Thank you to everyone who donated items for our hampers and bought raffle tickets. We raised £434.00 which will go towards developing our Library. Thank you also to Mrs Payne, Mrs Robinson and Mrs Sothcott for their tireless work in organising this event.


Miss Parsons has organised an exciting ‘Geography Challenge’ which will take place in the Spring Term. I have attached the details to this ParentMail and further information will be shared with the children when we return to school in January. Watch this space..!


I have attached information of another ‘Christmas Holiday Camp’ to be held next week.


We say ‘goodbye’ to Miss Bevan today and thank her for her hard work whilst she was here. We will miss her and wish her the very best for her new adventures. Arundel Class will be taught by Mrs Isaac from Monday to Thursday and Mr Blackman on a Friday.

We also say a fond farewell to Mrs West who has chosen to make a career change. She would like thank all the pupils, parents and colleagues, past and present, who made her time at Yapton so enjoyable and fulfilling and wishes them all the best for the future.


The children are excited to find out about their next Learning Journey.

Our youngest children will travel back in time when houses were made from wood and straw!

Lower KS2 will be considering their part in making our world a better place.

Upper KS2 will become scientists for the day carrying out an exciting investigation.

Thank you for all of our gifts.

We have been touched by your generosity.

Have a fabulous festive season.

We look forward to seeing you on Tuesday 3rd January.

Take care

Kim Huggett

After School Club Timetable for Spring Term 1

Dear Parents and Carers,

Please find attached the club timetable for when we return after Christmas.

There will be no clubs in the first week of term, they will start from Monday 9th January.

You will be able to book your child into a club via Parentmail in the first week back. Please note that spaces are limited and we will try our best to make sure everychild that wants to has a chance to take part. Once clubs are full we will be running a waiting list system as usual.

Kind regards,

Katy Lawson

School Secretary

Reindeer Run and Christmas Hamper Raffle

Dear Parents and Carers,

Reindeer Run

Looking ahead to our Reindeer Run on Friday it is going to be chilly!

The children will need to wear their outdoor P.E kit (Joggers, trainers, t-shirts and their Christmas Jumpers). If the playground is icy, the Reindeer Run will be held in the school hall.

Christmas Hamper Raffle

Tickets are still available for our Christmas Hamper Raffle, these can be purchased at the school gates at pick up/drop off.

Please see attached a picture of our lovely Christmas hampers.

Kind regards,

Katy Lawson

School Secretary

Measures in place to reduce infection 12.12.22

Dear Parents and Carers,

Like many schools in the local area, we are seeing a rise in suspected Scarlett Fever and Strep A cases. Within the last 10 days, there has been 1 confirmed case of Scarlett Fever and 1 of Strep A at our school.

Following advice given from our Local Health Protection Team, we have put in a number of measures to reduce the risk of further infection and transmission for the remainder of the term. These include:

  • increased ventilation around the school (children will need to wear an extra layer of clothing underneath their school uniform from tomorrow)

  • increased hand washing during the day (using anti-bacterial foam)

  • the use of the ‘Catch it, Bin it, Kill it’ approach with sneezes, nose blowing and coughs (used tissues will be put into a nappy sack, which will then be tied up and binned)

  • increased use of anti-bacterial spray and/or wipes on tables, chairs, door handles and other key touch points throughout the day

    Based on this advice, tomorrow’s Key Stage Christmas Carol Services will continue to be held in the school hall with, however, only children and school staff attending.

    Thursday’s Christmas Discos and Friday’s Reindeer Run and Christmas Dinner will still go ahead at this stage, as they only involve school children and staff.

    Friday’s Rock Steady Concert will be held in the school with only parents and carers of the performing children to attend.

    The school will have a ‘deep-clean’ including the use of the ‘Fogger’ in preparation for our return in January. Measures may still need to be in place.

    We will keep you updated as necessary and hope you understand the reasons for the change of plans for the remainder of the week. As always, if you have any concerns or questions, please see me or use the offiice2@yaptonschool.org email address.

    Take care

    Kim Huggett

Christmas Carol Service – Change of location

Dear Parents and Carers,

Due to the inclement weather conditions, Mrs Huggett and Mr Floyd have taken the decision that the pavements are too slippery for the children to walk safely to the church tomorrow.

Therefore the decision has been made to hold the services in the School Hall. Parents are still welcome to attend.

The Key Stage 1 service will be held at 9.15am followed by the Key Stage 2 service at 10.15am

Kind regards

Shelley Farrell


Dear Parents and Carers,

we begin the first of our Christmas Celebrations this afternoon with our youngest children. All of the children have worked really hard towards this. We are looking forward to seeing you. Our usual ‘Time To Shine’ will follow this at the end of the school day.


One of our school values is the value of ‘Community’. Today we had the opportunity to help the Parish Council to create a ‘Bio-Diversity Corridor’ for local wildlife at the park. Each class has elected someone to be their ‘Eco Champion’..

Our Eco Champions are-Bella, Beau, Oliver, Benji, Daisy, Leo, Tilly, Lainee-Rae , Hope, Chloe and Joshua.

The younger children helped to plant the trees and the older children helped to put on the ‘tree protectors’.

We have been invited back in 6 months time because the trees will be tall enough to remove the ‘tree protectors’.

The KS2 Choir continue their Christmas Tour when they sing at Arundel Cathedral tomorrow. Please can they be dressed in their smartest uniform for the actual performance.. They have been working incredibly hard and we are very proud of them.


A quick reminder that the school clubs will not run next week – apart from Mr Hughes’ Young Voices who will still need to be at school at 8am on Monday and Thursday.


Thank you to those of you who have already booked your children’s place at the Christmas Discos which are on Thursday next week. A reminder that mobile phones will not be allowed, but the children will need to bring their water bottles.


Your children will be bringing home their Autumn Term Attainment Reports this afternoon. This will provide you will information about their attendance, learning behaviours and their attainment in Reading, Writing and Maths this term in relation to National Curriculum Age Related Expectations (ARE). If you have any questions about the information given, please talk to your child’s class teacher.


As we move into the last week of term, we have the challenge of high levels of illness both amongst the children and staff. We have two ‘Supply Agencies’ that we regularly use so that we can provide as much continuity as possible for the children. However, there may be occasions when they do not have staff available due to the reasons that I have already listed. If this is the case, we will work creatively around this. It may be that the class has different members of Senior Leaders covering their class or the class may be split around their key stage to follow their planned work but in a different classroom. Whilst these solutions are not ideal, please be assured that we will do everything that we can so that classes remain open.


Thank you to everyone who has donated items for our ‘Christmas Hampers’ . Tickets will go on sale after school on Monday 12th December.

Have a fabulous weekend.

Take care

Kim Huggett

School Individual Photos ORDER DEADLINE

Dear Parents and Carers,

This is just a reminder that the deadline to order your childs Individual school photo is Tuesday 6th December.

Please make sure you bring your order form back to the school office before this date.

Kind regards,

Katy Lawson
School Secretary


Dear Parents and Carers,

There’s a distinct seasonal chill in the air and there is also a seasonal feeling of a different kind in the school. This week we have begun thinking about the season of Advent and what is means within the Christian calendar: a time of waiting and preparation for the Christmas celebrations. Lily and Sophia in Year 6 had already been thinking about this time of year and have written our December prayer. Attached is a copy of it. Thank you girls for creating such a thoughtful prayer.

Christmas Hampers

Here’s a reminder that we will start collecting donations for our Christmas Hampers Raffle on Monday 5th December. Please can the children take the donations to their classrooms. All the proceeds from the raffle will go towards the development of our school library.

Christmas Celebrations at Yapton C. of E. Primary School

The key Christmas dates were sent out a few weeks ago. But here a a few reminders:

Our EYFS and Key Stage 1Christmas Celebration will take place on the playground at 3pm on Friday 9th December. The children will be performing some festive songs, poetry and dancing which has been part of their learning over the past couple of weeks.

The same day sees our after school Time to Shine where every child will choose three pieces of work from this half term they are most proud of for you to come and have a look at.

Our Christmas Carol Services will be in St. Mary’s Church on Tuesday 13th December (EYFS and KS1 at 9:30am; KS2 at 10:30am). You are all welcome to join your children for these services. If you are able to offer your help walking th children to and from the church, please can you email your child’s class teacher using their class email address (e.g. lewes@yaptonschool.org).

Friday 16th December (the last day of term) is a very busy day! It is going to be our Christmas Jumper Day so instead of school jumpers, the children can wear a Christmas jumper. The Rock Steady Gig will be at 9:15am in the school hall. Parents of band members are very welcome to come along.

As well as wear their Christmas jumpers, the children will be given a pair of reindeer antlers to take take in the Reindeer Run in aid of Chestnut Tree House. Caroline from the charity came and talked to the children about the amazing work they do supporting very ill children and their families. The Reindeer Run is an annual event here at school. The children have brought home sponsorship envelopes. Please can these be brought back into school on the last day of term.

The School Run and the Local Community

We are proud to be a integral part of the village of Yapton. Recently, we have unfortunately received some complaints about the way cars have been parked in St. Mary’s Meadow and how other families are using window sills of houses close to the school as a bench. Please can you play your part in this by being considerate to residents to live close to the school. Also, please can you make sure you do not park on the yellow zig-zags at the front of the school. They are there for the children’s safety at the beginning and end of the school day.

Christmas Fair at Edgcumbes

Ending on a positive note, here’s a big thank you children of the the Key Stage 2 Choir, along with Mrs Bayliss and Mrs Huggett, who will be representing the school at the Edgcumbes Christmas Fair singing some Christmas Songs tomorrow morning.

Have a lovely weekend.

Take care

Chris Hughes

Deputy Headteacher