A letter to all the Year 6 children

Dear children, 
If we were living in Covid-19 free world, it would have been a bit different this week. Along with your Year 6 friends, you would have come to school and enjoyed a breakfast together.  That’s because it should have been SATS week. Year 6 children across the country would have been completing different tests over the next few days. 

In the past few weeks, you would have been working really hard in preparation for them.  We would have made sure you were feeling as confident as possible to do your best in them.

Well that isn’t the case is it this year?  Things have turned out very differently.  Some of you may be feeling happy the tests aren’t happening.  Some of you may have different feelings, including sadness, frustration and on-going confusion.

Sometimes, teachers get carried away in the lead up to SATS thinking they are the most important thing in the world!  Events over the past few weeks have taught us all there are so many more important things – especially the ones that are close to home.

Having good English and Maths knowledge and skills are important.  You’ll need to continue developing those as you continue through your schooling life.  The results from those tests would have been some numbers.  However, they wouldn’t have measured and valued so many of your other unique skills and talents.

They wouldn’t have told anyone how amazing you are at everything else that makes you the special person you are.  There would be no measure of your artistic, musical or sporting talents.  They wouldn’t have shone a bright light on those of you who enjoy Science or learning about things in the past or around the world.   They wouldn’t have even given you a chance to show off your X-Box or Play Station skills!  These tests wouldn’t recognise how much your friends value you when you play with them, make them smile and laugh or offer a shoulder to lean on when they’re feeling a bit down.

We are continuing to think about you all.  We are thankful that you are staying safe and well.  This part of the school year is normally very busy for Year 6 children – especially those at Yapton C. of E. Primary School.  After the SATS tests, there should have been Bikeability Week, the residential trip to Wales, meetings with and visits to your new secondary schools, as well as spending time reflecting on coming to the end of your time at primary school both at the special Leavers’ Service at Chichester Cathedral and in your Leavers’ Assembly at school.

You may have watched or heard the message from Boris Johnson, our Prime Minister, yesterday evening.  He said it may be the case our school will be open to Year 6 children on the 1st June.  Nothing has been confirmed yet.  Whenever we have news for you about this, we will let you and your home grown-ups know.

Remember, every member of staff at Yapton C. of E. Primary School are very proud of you and we look forward to seeing you – whenever that may be.

Continue to wear your Yapton crowns!

Miss Hook, Mrs West, Mrs Green and Mr Hughes

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