A message for Early Years children starting school on Monday 7.09.2020

Hello to you all, 
Welcome back after a fabulous summer 🌞. We hope you are well and have enjoyed your time at home as a family. 👑🌈
We are busy in school this week preparing our exciting classrooms ready for your children to start school on Monday 7th September. 
The Early Years Team are very much looking forward to welcoming you all into school. 
Here are a few reminders about the arrangements for the week beginning 7th September. 
Monday 7th September – Children to arrive at school at 1:30pm – 3:00pm 
Tuesday 8th September – Children are in school from 8:45am – 11:45am
Wednesday 9th September – Children are in school from 8:45am – 11:45am
Thursday 10th September and Friday 11th September – Children are in school from 8:45 am – 1:30pm we have ordered hot school dinners for the children however, if you would like to provide your child with a packed lunch then please feel free to do this. 
We would like your children to wear their school uniform as they would usually on these days. Please provide some spare clothes in case your child has an ‘accident’ during their time in school. 
We will let you know which days your child will be doing PE,  your child will need to come dressed in their PE kit on these days. 
Camber class and Lewes class will be running as a ‘pod’ . The children will be reminded throughout the day to wash their hands and hand sanitiser will also be available. The staff in school will be regularly cleaning surfaces and resources. 
I mentioned in the letter which we sent home to you all that we would be offering home visits, unfortunately due to the current situation we are not able to offer these anymore. There will be an opportunity to meet with the class teacher to discuss your children early in the Autumn term. 
As parents with children who are already part of our school family will already know we are asking children to wear ‘festival’ headwear on their first day as a celebration of coming back to school. We are also inviting children to walk up to the school gates and tie a ribbon onto the fence to make our grounds look colourful prior to Monday. This is also an opportunity to have a practice of the school run. If you would like to do this with your children it will be a great way to remind them of the school grounds and they can spot the ribbon they tied on monday. We are very much looking forward to seeing an array of colours and patterns when we come to school on Monday. 
Best Wishes to you all, 
Miss Emery and the Early Years Team 💚
EYFS and Key Stage One Leader of Learning 
Yapton C. of E. Primary School 

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