A message for Yapton C. of E. Primary School pupils 24/03/20

Dear children,

We know that this is a very different way of being a member of our school family. Some of you are here in school with us, taking part in activities whilst most of you are at home. We hope that you have found the activities on our school website and are enjoying being able to do them. At school we have a few staff here each day while we try to keep our school open for as long as possible for those who need it at the moment. We are thinking about all of you. Just because you at home, you are still very much part of our school community. We would love to keep in touch with you and to hear from you about what you are doing at home. Please send us your news. You may wish to include a photo of what you have done at home. Please make sure that it is a photo of your work or activity only.
You can send it to us by using our office@yaptonschool.org email address.
We look forward to hearing from you.

Mrs Huggett and all of the staff at Yapton CE Primary School.

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