Dear Parents and Carers of all the amazing children at Yapton Primary School.

I wanted to just send you a few lines  to say how proud I feel to be part of such a great school Community. 

We are all experiencing such challenging and indeed scary times at the moment and none of us have a guide book on how to get through it. On a day to day basis we are having to deal with things the best we can and sometimes it is just a challenge to get through that day ! The thing is though we are getting through the days and each day we get through is one day closer to coming out of this the other side.

I have to say the beautiful weather was a blessing and I was fortunate enough to spend it in my garden! Not all of you may know but I am paralysed and in a wheelchair, and cannot walk unaided.In the lovely weather I got out my calipers and frame and with their assistance practiced a very robotic type of walking in my garden !  

Life is always full of ups and downs. I guess it would be a bit boring if it wasn’t and we can overcome these challenges if we can just focus on the good things we still have.  

I think many of us would agree that this pandemic has helped us appreciate the little things in life more. I certainly appreciate spending time with my family.You all have wonderful children, even if at times they dont show it (no one can be perfect all the time) who must make you so proud. You should also be proud of yourselves at this time helping keep everyone safe by following all the guidelines we have been given from the government. Following these guidelines means this will all be over for everyone that bit quicker. 

Thank you again so much for supporting the school and your community and I think that we must also take this opportunity to thank Mrs Huggett and all her staff who have been working so extremely hard to keep your children safe too. 

Warmest Regards  

Cllr Amanda Worne

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