Arrangements for remote learning 5.01.2021

Dear Parents and Carers
Following the preparations put in place in school and yesterday evening’s announcement from the Prime Minister, here are the details about the remote learning arrangements for the children who are not at school:
  • The national curriculum continues to be taught
  • The learning will posted on your child’s Google Classroom page
  • Here you will find the Knowledge Organiser which provides details of the learning for the week
  • Following the guidance, there will be about three hours of learning time, so there you will also find a timetable so that the children at home can follow the same structure of the day as those in school
  • Each lesson will be posted as an ‘Assignment‘ on Google Classroom with instructions and any other resources which may be needed
  • We expect the English and Maths work to be completed in the books which were part of the home learning packs which were sent home before Christmas
  • The same high expectations of neatness and presentation are required
  • Please submit photos of the completed learning so that your child’s teacher can look at what has been completed and give some feedback each afternoon
  • During the last full lockdown, we know that the children missed seeing their teachers so Teachers in the Early Years and Key Stage 1 are going to post a story on their Google Classroom pages at 3pm, whilst teachers in Key Stage 2 are going to post a message to their classes at the beginning of each day 
This is a new way of learning and there may be teething troubles to begin with, but hopefully you will soon be able to get into the swing of things.  Don’t forget video instructions on how to use Google Classrooms are on our school website.  If you have any queries, or you have misplaced your child’s login details, please contact the school using the email address.
All the teachers are really looking forward to seeing what the children do at home.
Take care
Mr Hughes

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