Beginning of Summer Term 2020 message for Parents/Carers

Dear Parents and Carers,
I hope that this message finds you safe and well.In normal times, we would be busy today getting uniforms/clothes ready, finding book bags and getting organised for the start of a new term (that’s the school grown ups !!). At the moment, we find ourselves at home to ensure that everyone keeps as safe as possible.It has been great to receive messages and examples of how busy you have all been at home. Some of you have managed to find us on Twitter !! Go to Twitter and find us …. Yapton C of E School.I am really excited to tell you about the launch of our FAMILY LEARNING plans which will be ready for you on the website every Monday morning. Go to the HOME LEARNING TAB on our website and then click on FAMILY LEARNING. The week will begin with a popular childrens film which you can watch together as a family, then there is a timetable for you to follow with all of the planning provided for you. English, Maths and Science have been differentiated for you into EYFS, Year 1 and 2, Year 3 and 4 and then Year 5 and 6.This will mean that some of the activities you can do as a family together and others are set according to the childrens year group. The film for Week 1 is ‘Finding Nemo’We have listened to feedback from you and have planned the Family Learning to help give more structure to your week, more focus in English Maths and Science for your children, whilst enabling you to have some family activities together.As always, please contact us on the¬†¬†email if you need us. Mrs Bayliss, Mr Hughes and I are managing this email address at the moment. If you need us to call you then please put the telephone number for us to use in your email.
Take Care

Mrs Huggett

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