Arundel Gallery

Cassie 6/04/2020

We hope everyone from school is safe and in good health.  We are all well.
I have been working very hard and am really looking forward to the Easter challenges, many thanks to everyone in school for the ideas.

Ellie 3/04/2020

Today my challenge was to match the Countries with their flags, I got three wrong. I have also researched what their capital cities are and written them on.

Alona 1/04/2020

Ellie 30/03/2020

I really enjoy playing ‘Hour Of Code’. It helps with with my coding skills. I’m playing the ‘Plants vs Zombies’ one.

Brooke Lily 26/03/2020

I coloured this stain glass window to put in the lounge window. I hope it makes people feel happy when they are walking past.  

Cassie 26/03/2020

Alannah 24/03/2020

I have been making cupcakes while doing maths at the same time because I had to scale down the amount of icing I wanted for the cakes.Here is a maths problem for you:
If I have 5 cakes left and I’ve already eaten 3/4 of them. How many will Mr Hughes not get?