Bodiam Gallery

Dave and Reggie 3/04/2020

Mylie 31/03/2020

I made these cakes today in our home cooking class. They were very tasty.
We hope you’re all taking care!

Angel 31/03/2020

Mum and I played bananagrams and I won 😊 It was great fun! I did a lot of words you can read them all?

Hallie and Olivia 31/03/2020

Today we made something very special.. a time capsule! Within it are letters from us explaining who we are and everything to do with the Coronavirus pandemic! We have included newspapers, costs of things to date in 2020, pictures and photos, statistics, gloves and lots of other fun things in the hope that in many years to come whoever discovers it can share this little bit of history! We have even had all these pictures sent to a local newspaper in the hope that we can bring a bit of positivity in such a difficult time. 

Angel 31/03/2020

I built a Lego house and restaurant 
The one with all the seats is the restaurant and the one with the sofa and the bedroom is the house!

Alice 25/03/20

I am coming in to school when mum has to go to work. I wrote a prayer for us to say before we had our lunch today.