Southsea Gallery

Bradley N 1/04/2020

Hallie and Olivia 31/03/2020

Today we made something very special.. a time capsule! Within it are letters from us explaining who we are and everything to do with the Coronavirus pandemic! We have included newspapers, costs of things to date in 2020, pictures and photos, statistics, gloves and lots of other fun things in the hope that in many years to come whoever discovers it can share this little bit of history! We have even had all these pictures sent to a local newspaper in the hope that we can bring a bit of positivity in such a difficult time. 

Ellie 26/03/2020
Today I wrote my own version of the gingerbread man story and then we baked gingerbread men, they were delicious.

Riley 25/03/2020

I have been learning about WW1 and the bombs. I have also been making a comic.  I am making sure that I do some PE every day as well as some reading, spellings and maths.

Amelia 25/03/2020

Today, I helped daddy make this lovely cob style loaf today. It tasted fantastic!