Our strong Governing Body is fundamental to the success of the school. All governors are committed to supporting the school on its self-improvement journey. They are very active in the school, supporting teachers in the classrooms, helping out on school trips and attending school events.

The governors play a very important part in monitoring and evaluating the school’s progress. They do this through their monitoring visits to the school, through receiving progress reports from staff and through scrutinising the school’s assessment data. The governors also receive termly updates on the progress towards priorities identified in the School Improvement Plan.

Through the information they receive and through their visits, the governors have been able to build up an in-depth knowledge of the school which enables them successfully to take a strategic overview of the school and consequently they are empowered to make the best possible decisions for the good of the children.

The governors are involved in agreeing the school’s vision and values and ensure they are embedded across the school.

The Governing Body is structured into two main Committees – (1) Curriculum and Pupil Care and (2) Finance, Premises and Personnel. These two committees meet every term.  In addition the Governing Body has a Pay Committee which meets during each autumn term. All three committees report into the Full Governing Body meetings which are held during each term.