Dear Parents and Carers,
Sadly I need to inform you that one of our pupils has been admitted to hospital with suspected meningococcal disease.
I have spoken with someone from UK Health Security today and have attached their advice letter to this ParentMail.
We continue to keep this pupil and their family in our thoughts and prayers as I am sure that you will too.
We are keeping in touch with the family here at school.
I am sure you will understand that sending my normal update of events etc would feel disrespectful at this time.
Take care
Kim Huggett


Dear Parents and Carers,
I’m not sure where this week has gone! We welcomed some visitors from other schools this week who remarked on the quality of our children’s work, the engagement of the children in their learning and their impeccable manners. I shared this news with the children in our whole school Worship this afternoon. The children should feel very proud, as should their families. Thank you.
I would like to update you with some staffing news as we look forward to the start of the Spring Term in January 2022.
Mrs Fenneymore has not been in school recently due to her being unwell. She has made the decision to leave our school and her final day was yesterday. We have sent her flowers from the staff here at school. Mrs Fenneymore has been a friendly face at the school for many years and she will be missed. We wish her well as she begins new adventures. As she was unable to be in school for her final day, if you would like to leave a message or gift for Mrs Fenneymore at the school office, we will make sure that they are delivered to her.
Mrs Duyman has been with us for nearly a year now covering Mrs Bowles maternity leave. Her final day with us is Tuesday 14th December as Mrs Bowles will be returning in January 2022. I would like to thank Mrs Duyman for her imaginative ideas and creativity that she has brought to our school. Unfortunately she is unwell at the moment but we hope to see her soon.
Mrs Bowles will be returning to teach 1 day a week in Southsea class with Mrs Bayliss and a further day per week to cover teachers for their subject leader release time. We look forward to welcoming Mrs Bowles back to our school.
Ms Bevan will continue to teach Pevensey class, but will move her days to a Monday and Tuesday. She will be joined by Mrs Horrex who will teach Pevensey class for the rest of the week.
We will be welcoming Miss Ellie Parsons to our school in January 2022. She will be the permanent full-time teacher in Lewes class. She is a bright, young and experienced teacher who is really looking forward to joining our school. You will be able to meet her before the end of this term. She will spend time with the children before becoming their full time teacher in January. Miss Parsons will also be joining the EYFS/KS1 team for their planning meetings this term so that she is familiar with our ways of working. When I have a definite date for the children and  families in Lewes class to meet her, I will let you know.
I would like to thank Mrs Hillier for teaching Lewes class this term. Mrs Hillier will remain with us as one of our regular supply teachers.
We are holding a Christmas Tombola to raise money to buy more maths equipment for the classes. We have introduced a more practical approach to our maths learning journey following a ‘Mastery’ approach. I have attached a document that explains this new approach to the teaching of maths in our school. The money that we raise will be divided equally between each class so that they can choose their maths equipment.
A huge congratulations to all of the children in  St Andrews house who collected the most merits last half term. They chose to have a disco from our ‘rewards menu’ and thoroughly enjoyed cutting some shapes on the dance floor at school today. They chose their playlist and Miss Hook and Mrs Horrex were spotted leading the ‘Macarena’! I wonder who will win the merits race this half term?
Have a lovely weekend.
Take care
Kim Huggett


Dear Parents and Carers,
What a wonderful colourful way to end another busy week! The children really enjoyed wearing ‘yellow’ today for ‘World Kindness Day’ which takes place tomorrow. We spent time today reflecting on the value of ‘kindness’ and what this means for us. We thought about many questions… Are we being kind to others? Are we being kind to ourselves? It is important that we show ourselves kindness in order to be kind to others.
Our positive discussions about kindness today will be the foundation for our work next week during ‘Anti-Bullying Week’. In school we talk about S.T.O.P – Several Times On Purpose as our definition of bullying.We will be exploring this theme further next week.
Unfortunately we have been made aware of children kicking stones in driveways and knocking on the windows of local residents. We have also been made aware of some of our parents being rude to local residents and being disrespectful when driving.  Mrs Wallbridge and I were positioned further along North End Road today to try to help with this situation.  We will need to adjust our position next week to try to deal with issues in another nearby location caused by our school families. The outcome of this is that we are not at the school gate to either welcome or say good-bye to the children.  This situation is therefore not fair on anyone.  Please be mindful of the example that is being set to our children.  Thank you.
Yesterday we met together as a whole school to take time to reflect,  remember and be grateful for all those who have given their lives in service in order to enable our freedom.  We listened to powerful reflections from Betsy, Ella, Oliver C and Toby, who shared their work that they had completed for homework. Some of our school grown-ups shared a poem for the children to listen to.  We took part in the national silence for two minutes.  We ended our Worship with a gentle hymn called ‘Turn Your Thoughts’.  We listened to the music from Elgar’s Nimrod as we came in and out of the hall.  The children showed respect and care throughout our Worship together.
I would like to explain that the decision not to have sibling photos was made by the photography company, not the school.  The closing date for the photos is TUESDAY 16TH NOVEMBER 2021.
I have attached details from Chartwells our catering provider about the Christmas Dinner in school. This is still free for all children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2. Any paid orders can be placed from now until the 28th November at www.mealselector.co.uk
Have a lovely weekend.
Take care
Kim Huggett


Dear Parents and Carers,
What an amazing first week! Our first day back saw Evacuees, Victorians and ‘crayonning’ artists return to school. The ‘hook’ for our Learning Journey this half-term was fabulous. You will be able to see the amazing learning that has begun and will continue this half term. Our ‘Time to Shine’ event is on Friday 10th December at the end of the school day. Our ‘Outdoor Classroom Day’ yesterday enabled the children to literally take their classroom outside! The learning experiences were rich and varied ranging from ‘pavement art’ to ‘algebra with sticks and leaves. Thank you for your support for both of these successful events.
On Tuesday 16 of our Y2 children performed at a dance event at the Alexandra Theatre in Bognor Regis. They performed to an audience of 350 people. They danced with confidence and won the hearts of those watching. Their behaviour was exemplary too. A huge congratulations to our amazing dancers- Jenny, Bonnie, Bani, Hanit, Maisie, Skye, Andrea, Ella, Poppy, Alex, Leo, Alfie S, Oliver L, Dexter, Isaac and Spencer. Thank you to Mrs Cummings and Mrs Wilson for making this happen.
The orders for the cards have been returned and we are excited to announce that we have raised just over £200 so far. This money will go towards additional maths resources for the classrooms. More information about the focus on maths resources will follow soon.
We are looking to have a ‘Christmas Tombola’ towards the end of term to raise further funds. I have had confirmation from the DJ that the Christmas discos will definitely go ahead as planned on Thursday 9th December as on the previous dates list.
The KS2 Choir have been invited to sing at Edgecumbs Christmas Fair on Saturday 27th November at 11am until 11.45 am. Please return your permission slips for this as soon as possible so that we can let the organisers know. Thank you.
I have attached a price list for the ‘Poppy Appeal’ items that are currently on sale on school.
Thursday 11th November- we will hold a whole school worship together to reflect at 11am. If the weather is fine, we will be outside, so please make sure that the children have their coats.
Friday 12th November- ‘World Kindness Day’-the children need to wear something yellow. This will be a non-uniform day. Our ‘Morning Meetings’ in school will reflect on the theme of kindness which is one of our THINK values.
Have a great weekend.
Take care
Kim Huggett

Outdoor Learning Day

Dear Parents and Carers,
Just a quick reminder that tomorrow is OUTDOOR LEARNING DAY.
The children need to be wearing clothes that are suitable for being outside.
Take care.
Mr Hughes
Deputy Headteacher

Crossing Patrol

Dear Parents and Carers,

Sadly Mrs Fenneymore is still unwell so there will not be any ‘Lollipop Patrol’ for our school at the moment.We are keeping her in our thoughts.

Take care

Kim H


Dear Parents and Carers,
We have had a brilliant first half term of this academic year. The children have worked incredibly hard and deserve a break next week. I know that they are already excited about their next Learning Journey.
CAMBER,LEWES,AMBERLEY & BRAMBER CLASSES – The children have brought home a crayon and a piece of paper with a challenge to carry out and return on 1st November when we return to school. There may be some interesting characters with a ‘crayon’ theme in school!
PORTCHESTER,PEVENSEY & SOUTHSEA CLASSES – The children have brought home their Gas Mask Boxes in preparation for their Evacuee Day on Monday 1st November. This will launch their learning journey about WW2. Over half term please could families spend some time creating an evacuee costume for the children to wear on the first day back to school. Evacuee boys would wear shorts/trousers, a shirt, a tank top and a flat cap. Evacuee girls would wear a patterned dress or dungarees and a head scarf.
ARUNDEL,BODIAM & HASTINGS CLASSES -The children will be learning about ‘How has Yapton changed?’ They will experience a ‘Victorian Day’ on the first day back after half term. They will be coming to school dressed as Victorians on the 1st November.
The usual coughs and colds have arrived along with many other germs and bugs! Please let us know if your child is unwell by using ParentMail. Unfortunately these illnesses have also affected our staff at the end of this half term. We continue to have windows open and wash our hands regularly in school. When teachers are unwell we use two Agencies to arrange cover. It has been noticeably difficult to secure cover for classes recently. Please be patient with us if your child’s class has had different teachers covering the absence. Please also be reassured that the class will be following the planning and timetable planned by their teacher for a two week learning journey during their fortnightly PPA time. If we are unable to secure supply cover for a class, we will split the class across the rest of the phase and use Teaching Assistants from other year groups to help, rather than close the class on the first day of absence and deliver remote learning. Thank you for your understanding and patience.
I have attached a list of important dates and events for next half term.
Please take time over half-term to order your Christmas cards and make sure that the original A3 sheet containing the design is returned to school on Monday 1st November. Please make sure that these are FLAT and NOT FOLDED. Thank you.
Following the positive feedback after our Roald Dahl Exhibition when families came into the classrooms at the end of the school day, you will see that on Friday 10th December we have a similar event called ‘Time To Shine’. The children will have chosen the 3 pieces of work that they are most proud of and will be sharing them with you. We plan to hold a ‘Time To Shine’ event at the end of each Learning Journey.
Have a fabulous half term.
Take care
Kim Huggett

Year 3-4 Boxes Request

Dear Parents and Carers,
On Friday 22nd October the children in Portchester, Southsea and Pevensey Classes will be making Gas Mask Boxes ready for an Evacuee Day on Monday 1st November. This will form part of the launch for our World War 2 history topic next half term. (More details to follow on the Weekly News for Families this Friday – 22.10.2021) 
If you have any spare (small) boxes, e.g. a shoe box / cereal box etc, please can you bring these in as soon as possible and we will store them in class ready for Friday.
Thank you for your continued support
Sarah Bayliss

Weekly News for Families 15.10.2021

Dear Parents and Carers,
What a busy week it has been in school again! We really enjoyed showing some of our prospective parents around with our Year 6 tour guides this morning and are looking forward to our remaining tours tomorrow morning. 
Playground Leaders
Congratulations to our new Playground Leaders who have completed their training this week. We are very proud of Brandon, Joshua, Ethan L, Maisie, Sofia, Lily H, Alys, Alfie K, Dave, Chae, Eva, Ethan O, Casey, Reggie and Harley.  The sports coach that led the training commented on how well they engaged and took on board the training. We introduced them to the school at our Whole School Worship this afternoon and our Key Stage 1 pupils are already very excited about working with them.
Monday 18th October 2021 is school photo day. There will be NO PE on this day and children will need to all come to school wearing their full school uniform. Children who attend Outdoor Explorers or Badminton Club will need to bring a suitable change of clothing for their club at the end of the day. 
Harvest Donations for the Food Bank
We are looking forward to seeing from Hannah from Bognor Regis Foodbank at our worship on Monday. We are going to share our reflections on the theme of thankfulness with her when she collects our Harvest donations. Thank you once again for your generosity. 
Christmas Cards
In school this week, the children will be designing and creating their Christmas Cards for publishing. On Friday, each child will come home with their design and instructions for ordering.  Please note ALL ordering must be completed online and the original form must be returned to your child’s teacher on Monday 1st November when we return to school after half term. 
Reporting Absence
If your child is unable to attend school for any reason, please make sure you notify us using Parent Mail. If, for any reason, you are unable to use ParentMail please ensure you email office@yaptonschool.org NOT your child’s class teacher as the class emails are not always checked in the morning. 
6 Weeks In Celebration
We are looking forward to celebrating our youngest children’s first 6 weeks in school with us on Thursday 21st October 2021. These families have already received an invitation.  The children are very proud of the work they have completed already. 
Have a great weekend
Take Care
Kim Huggett