Weekly News for Families 26.02.21

Dear Parents and Carers
It certainly looks like Spring is on its way today!  I hope you will manage to find an opportunity to enjoy the lovely sunshine either today or over the weekend.
Following the government’s announcement regarding the full re-opening of schools on Monday 8th March, this letter will share with you the arrangements we have put into place so far. 
Monday 8th March will launch our ‘Spring Back 2 School’ week.  We have planned a creative and fun week for all of the children.  This starts with our ‘World Book Day’ on the Monday and Wednesday will see the whole school taking their learning outside for the day.  Please see the attached information regarding these two days.
Learning will follow a less formal structure during this week, so that the children have fun whilst settling back into school life.  We understand that some families may be anxious about the return.  We would like to share a message from Cass Tait, who is one of our school governors:
I just wanted to reach out to you all as a parent governor following the Prime Minister’s announcement that all children will return to school on the 8th of March. I know that these are scary times and, as parents, we are all worried about our children’s safety and wellbeing.
I have been fortunate enough to have my children at school during this latest lockdown and I want to assure you all that the school staff have been working really hard to make sure that the children are being kept as safe as possible. As before, every effort is being made to ensure that regular hand-washing is taking place and children are remaining n their class bubbles.
These have been uncertain and scary times and the staff and governors at Yapton do understand the anxiety about all the children returning to school. Please know that you can contact the school to discuss your concerns, or feel free to contact me if you would rather. We can’t predict how the coming weeks will play out, but we can reassure you that as a school family, we care very much about the safety and wellbeing of all of our staff and children. 
I’d also like to take this opportunity to say how amazing all of the home learning has been and we have seen some fantastic examples of the work your children have been doing. Thank you for your support with this, I know it’s been difficult but you’ve done a great job.
We are going to continue with our staggered timetable.  This includes the start and end of the day, as well the different times for break and lunch.  Children will need to wear their PE kits on their PE days (apart from the two days mentioned above).   The children who have been learning at home will need to bring their Home Learning Books back into school.  There will be a box in each classroom, so that these books can be ‘quarantined’ before the work can be looked at.
We will continue to ask parents to follow the social distancing guidance, which includes mask wearing and keeping your distance away from others whilst on the school grounds.  We will continue the restriction of one family adult on the school grounds at drop off and pick up times.  It may be useful to know many of the school staff have not yet received an offer for a vaccination. 
We are pleased that our wobbly footpath in front of these classrooms is going to be replaced.  The work will begin on Monday 1st March and will potentially take two weeks to complete. From Monday 1st March, entry to the school for some classes will be different.
Arundel Class – The children will use the staff entrance to the right of their classroom.
Pevensey Class – The children will use the main office door.
Southsea Class – The children will use the playground door nearest their classroom at the back of the school.
Portchester Class – The children will use the side gate to the Victorian Garden at the back of the school.
Please can the parents of children in Portchester and Southsea Classes use the gates in the school car park to enter the school grounds.
If you would normally pay for your child to have a hot meal, please can we remind you to log back onto their website to place your order before the end of the weekend.
Samantha Wright, our school counsellor, will be available for you to call on Monday between 9:30am and 10:30am. The number for your to you to call is 01903 209991.  Any conversation you have will remain confidential.  The school will not know of any specific calls but will be told the number of calls and any common themes will be highlighted. If you feel you need a listening ear, some help or advice please call Samantha.
Thank you to everyone for their continued support.  If we can help anyone, please use the office2@yaptonschool.org email address which is regularly checked by Mr Hughes and myself.
Have a lovely weekend
Take care
Kim Huggett

Weekly News for Families 11.2.21

Dear Parents and Carers,
Well done to everyone both at home and in school for keeping going!  Please enjoy the half term week with your families. The children have worked hard whether they have been at home or in school and really deserve a break. I have attached some fun activities that you may want to complete together if you are looking for ideas to do together as a family.
Our video of all the photos of ‘expressive dressing’ that were sent in to us, blended with the school photos is now on our website. Even Paddington makes an appearance!
For those children who have been in school, I will be supporting the Track and Trace process until 4pm on Saturday afternoon. This follows the guidance of reporting cases that may affect others if the contact has been within 48 hours. Please use the office2@yaptonschool.org email to let me know. Any family who have a positive case within their family at any point in the half term holiday are also invited to contact school so that we can update our data regarding COVID cases and to keep you in our thoughts and prayers.
Our school works closely with Your Space Therapies who provide counselling and play therapy. We have purchased a 6-week service to support our parents through this difficult time. Samantha Wright, our School Counsellor, will be available for you to call on a Monday from 9.30am-10.30am. The number for you to call is 01903 209991. This is confidential and school will not know which parents have called.  Only the number of parents and any common themes that occur.  If you feel that you need a listening ear, some help or advice then please call Samantha. This service will begin on Monday 15th February 2021 (the first day of half term).  I really hope that you find this useful.
Dear Parents and Carers,
Thank You and Well Done!
On behalf of the Governors I’d like to say a big Thank You for your continued support this half term.
At the recent Governor’s meeting Mrs Huggett reported on everything that is happening in school. How the children’s learning is organised, how hard the staff are working to deliver it, and the extraordinary lengths they go to for the benefit of the children. Your support is vital however, to make everything run smoothly, so thank you again.
 Also Well Done!  It can’t be easy juggling either the daily school run or helping the children with their learning at home, as well as organising everyday life under Lockdown.
I hope you get the opportunity to enjoy some time over half term with your child/children, weather and restrictions permitting!
Take care and stay safe,
Yours sincerely,
Penny Davey.
Chair of Governors.
We have listened to your feedback and have made some changes to our Remote Learning provision-specifically the online aspect.
The week’s learning in Early Years and Key Stage 1 classes will be launched with a video which will be on the School Website and linked through Google Classroom.  These classes will also have a meeting via Zoom each week.  A learning challenge which all the children in the class, whether at home or in school, will be explained as part of this meeting. 
Children in the Key Stage 2 classes will have two Zoom sessions.  The first one will be at the beginning of the week and the second will be later on.  Both of these sessions will have a focus on a learning task which the children will then complete once the meeting has finished. 
The timetable for these Zoom meetings is attached.
The second half of the Spring term begins on Monday 22nd February.  We will still be partially open, however the Prime Minister is expected to make an announcement regarding the route out of lockdown.  Before then, please use the office2@yaptonschool.org email address if you have any concerns or queries.  This email address will be monitored regularly over the half term break.
Have a restful half term.
Take care
Kim Huggett

Weekly News For Families 05.02.21

Dear Parents & Carers,
We are nearly there… Half term is on the horizon!
I do not underestimate the pressures you must be at home trying to juggle home learning with family life and your own work commitments.  The staff team here are full of admiration for you and count ourselves lucky to have such amazing families within in our school community.
Dress to Express
Wow! Looking at the outfits the children have been wearing in school along with the pictures you have sent in from home it is clear we certainly know how to express ourselves!  During next week, we will release a photo montage of everyone who has taken part.  Look out for this on our school website.  Please be assured only photos of the children will be used – no names will be included.  If you still need to send a photo in, please do this using the office2@yaptonschool.org email address by midday on Monday.
Online Gallery
We have really enjoyed seeing the work the children have completed at home.  Highlights include poems, stories and maths work as well as more creative pieces like art and crafts and dances.  These are going to be uploaded onto the school website in a new section in our Remote Learning tab.  Look for the ‘Home Learning Gallery’ in the Spring 2021 section.
Safer Internet Day
This year’s Safer Internet Day is on Tuesday 9th February.  In these unusual times where we are needing to rely on a range of methods of virtual communication, we all need to be reminded on the importance of staying safe online and the ways we can do this.  I have attached two online safety guides for you to look at as a family.
Road Names
Thank you to the families who sent in their ideas for road names for the new housing development in North End Road.  These have been received by the developers and those in Arun District Council who will be making the final decisions.  Let’s hope some of these suggestions will be used.   If they are, we will be able to share the news with you.
Remote Learning Arrangements For After Half Term
Responding to feedback from families and staff, we are revising our home learning provision.  Further details of this will be shared next week.  Every school is approaching the demands of remote learning in a different way.  Here at Yapton, we currently have 41% of our children in school with us.  Our teachers are teaching their class each day as well as providing the online learning on Google Classroom and the feedback required.  We therefore do not have teams of teachers to be able to share the workload.  It has been great to see so many of you coming to school to collect additional exercise books for your children to use.  If your children only have a few pages left in their books, please let us know and we can organise new ones to be collected.
February Prayer
Please find attached our prayer for February.  As we approach the season of Lent, the words of the prayer encourage us to think about how we should live our lives.
Don’t forget Friday 12th February is an INSET day.  As school will be closed there will not be any learning set on Google Classroom on this day.
Potential Snow Disruption
Looking at the weather forecast, we may have some snow over the weekend.  If adverse weather conditions mean the school has to be shut, we will let you know using ParentMail and Twitter.  We will only contact you if the school is going to be shut.  Any Zoom meetings planned will be rescheduled.
Please remember we are here to help.  The office2@yaptonschool.org email address is regularly checked by the Senior Leadership Team.
Have a lovely weekend.
Take care
Kim Huggett

Welcome to Children’s Mental Health week 2021

The theme this year is ‘EXPRESS YOURSELF!’ 
The week has been introduced by the Duchess of Cambridge. In her introduction she refers to the importance of parent’s mental health in order to support their children. 

DRESS TO EXPRESS DAY – Friday 5th February 2021 
 On Friday we are going to ‘Dress to Express!‘ Wear your favourite colour, favourite outfit, favourite accessory or favourite clothes that you feel ‘express’ you as a person. We would like everyone to take part in this whether you are at home or in school. The outfit can be as simple…or as complicated as you like! Whatever you have in your wardrobe. If you are at home, we would like you to send photos to either our school twitter or to office2@yaptonschool.org and we can compile a gallery with those children who are at school(and have photo permission).

Weekly News for Families – 29.1.20210

Dear Parents and Carers
What a strange January this has been!  Once again, thank you for all of the hard work that is going on at home.  We have delivered some more laptops this week and have provided paper packs to support the learning at home.  Some of you have been to collect new exercise books because your children have already completed the ones they brought home before Christmas!  Please keep the Home Learning books safe as we are looking forward to all of them returning with the children when we are fully open again.
You may have heard on the news this week references to the 8th March as a potential date for the re-opening of schools.  We will let you know any information regarding this as soon as we receive anything from the DfE.
It continues to feel very different in school.  Although the children who are in school are working hard, they are missing their friends. 
Class Zoom Meetings
Many of the classes have begun their class Zoom meetings this week.  Despite a couple of teething problems, the staff and children were really pleased to connect school and home.  These meetings will continue for the time being, so look out for the meetings details on Google Classroom and ParentMail. 
If your child is joining a meeting from home, please can you make sure the screen is renamed using their first name.  This will allow the teachers to see who is trying to join the meeting easily.
BT Wi-Fi Vouchers
We have been successful in our application for 60 free Wi-Fi vouchers from BT.  Please read the attachment which provides more details about this and how to let us know if you require one of these.
Tuesday Chat
This week’s Tuesday Chat unfortunately clashes with a Governor’s meeting that Mr Hughes and I have to attend.  Therefore, we will move the online meeting to Monday 1st February.  The code remains the same but we will send a reminder after the weekend.
Children’s Mental Health Week
Next week is Children’s Mental Health Week.  As a family, please make sure at some point in the week you spend some time doing an activity which you enjoy or which is important to you.  This might be baking, playing a game, going for walk or watching a favourite film.  I am sure the list is endless.  We would love to see pictures of what you get up to!  Please add them to our school Twitter feed (Yapton C. of E. Primary School @YaptonOf).  I have attached some ideas for families during Children’s Mental Health Week.
Support For Families
We realise that this continues to be a difficult time for so many reasons.  We are here to help, but it may be that you require home-based support.  This can be found through the Arun Hub Enabling Families.  Their contact number is 07860 858616.  Please ring this number for further information and to book an appointment.
Road Names In Yapton
Here’s something to think about over the weekend.  We have been asked to suggest potential street names for the new housing development at North End Road.  The developers are looking for 6-8 street names for the site.  You may wish to think about the history of the local area or significant events or people linked to the village.  Please let us know of any suggestions on the office2@yaptonschool.org email address by Monday 1st February so that we can send them on.
Please continue to use the same email address to contact us if you need to.
Have a safe weekend.
Take care
Kim Huggett

The beginning and end of the school day

Dear Parents and Carers,
We need to make a slight change to where families need to wait at the beginning and the end of the school day. This is to protect the grass and the daffodils that will be beginning to appear.
Instead of waiting on the grass in front of the Pevensey Class door, please could you wait on the tarmac area in front of the school office.  Please continue to follow social distancing guidelines.
Thank you.
Take care
Chris Hughes
Deputy Headteacher

Weekly News For Families – 22.01.21

Dear Parents and Carers,
Can you believe we are half way through this half term?!  Thank you to all of our families for working so hard and doing the very best they can in these unusual times both at home and at school.  We appreciate there will be highs and lows but please remember that we are here to help you with anything that you need.
Remote and Home Learning
As part of the government scheme, we have received our allocation of 18 laptops.  Mr Hughes and I have already delivered some of these to families to support the learning at home.  If you are a family who are really struggling to access and engage in the learning through Google Classroom due to a lack of appropriate devices, please let us know on our office2@yaptonschool.org email address.
The teachers have enjoyed giving feedback to the children at home through Google Classroom.  As part of our marking and feedback policy, children would be required to improve some pieces of work following the teacher’s feedback.  During the partial opening of our school, we would like children to respond and improve one piece of English and one piece of Maths work a week.  Look out for a pencil emoji at the beginning of the feedback – this will indicate the feedback must be responded to, the work is improved and resent back to the class teacher.
Class Zoom Meeting
We are beginning to introduce Class Zoom Meetings so that the children at home and at school have a chance to see each and interact together.  The focus of these sessions will be one that encourages discussion between the children.  The details of the meetings will be posted on Google Classroom and they will also be sent out on ParentMail.  Please find the attached ‘Code of Conduct’ (which defines the parental responsibilities) and the ‘Expectations of Behaviour’ (which is for the children).  Please be patient with any teething problems that may occur but we hope they will be an enjoyable time.
Lateral Flow Device Testing for School Staff
As part of the community test and trace programme, staff at our school will begin to take part in this type of testing twice a week.  In order to support our families, we have decided that school staff will test themselves on a Sunday and Wednesday.  As this test identifies asymptomatic carriers of the virus, any positive test results of school staff will result in a class being closed whilst a PCR is undertaken.  Following the outcome of this test, parents of the affected class will be notified of the next steps to be taken.  Information regarding this will be sent through ParentMail. Please check your ParentMail communications carefully on a Sunday and Wednesday evening.  We aim to let you know before 7pm.
Advice from West Sussex Public Health
Please find attached a letter from the Director of West Sussex Public Health with reminders about advice regarding the pandemic.
Tuesday Chat
It was great to talk to some more parents this week during our Tuesday Chat. These will continue every week and we look forward to seeing some more of you next week.  The meeting code will remain the same as last week.  We will send a reminder on Monday.
Have a lovely weekend.
Take care
Kim Huggett

Weekly News for Families 15.1.21

Dear Parents and Carers,
Here we are at the end of week 2! Once again, thank you to everyone for working so hard and sharing with us your news and work. It was great to see some of our families yesterday when Mrs Hayes and I delivered the ‘food hampers’. We are really grateful to Tesco for supplying the bags for the ‘hampers’ and to St Marys Church Yapton for helping to top up the ‘hampers’ with additional food. Our teachers this week have begun to make phone calls to families in their class to offer support with ‘home learning’.
Home Learning 
We realise that learning at home is very different to learning at school. Please remember not to put too much pressure on yourselves to turn your home into a school. We are really appreciative of the support you have given your children so far.  Following your feedback and reflections from teachers on home learning through Google Classroom, we would like to share with the our updated arrangements as we move forward:
  • Learning will be available at 8am each day
  • Morning timetables (Monday-Thursday) will remain consistent and focus on English and Maths (some parents wanted to be able to plan their day)
  • Afternoon learning will consist of the foundation subjects
  • Friday’s learning will be focus on R.E. and more creative opportunities (some parents had noticed their children were getting tired at the end of the week)
  • The learning will be organised in weekly folders which will make it easier to you to find
  • Deadlines have been removed, so if the work is returned later in the afternoon it will not be shown as ‘late’ and teachers will still give feedback
  • We would like to encourage families to send in work regularly rather than just at the end of the week
  • If work has not been sent back by Friday, teachers will not be able to give feedback over the weekend
  • If you are struggling to return photos of your children’s learning through Google Classroom, please use your child’s email address instead (e.g. arundel@yaptonschool.orgcamber@yaptonschool.org, etc)
  • On a Monday, there will be a link to a YouTube video which the teachers have made to launch the learning for each new week
  • There will also be a link for an afternoon story time at the end of each day where the teachers will be reading a story the children.  (These stories will be available from 2:30pm every day.)
Places in school
We have worked very hard to accommodate every request for a place in school.  Some classes are now full (in line with Union guidance) and as a school we are very close to capacity.  A waiting is list has been organised so if circumstances change, please let us know but there is no guarantee of a place at the moment.
Free School Meals
You may be aware the government has changed their recommendation for the provision of Free School Meals during this lockdown.  From next week, we are moving from food hampers to online vouchers.  These will be arranged to be sent to the families entitled to Free School Meals who are not in school.  This is because those children who are in school have the opportunity to receive a hot meal.
Friday 12th February will need remain as an INSET day as planned.  We cannot change this date due to scheduled essential maintenance work with the school.
Tuesday Chat
For the rest of this half term, Mr Hughes and I will continue to host the Tuesday Chat.  This will be via Zoom.  It was great to see and chat to some of our parents who joined us this week.  We hope that they found it helpful.  The details for the meetings are in the parent mail sent to you.  Please be patient if you are waiting in the waiting room whilst another parent is chatting with us.
The meeting will be open from 4:30pm until 6:00pm
Have a great weekend and don’t forget to use the office2@yaptonschool.orgemail address to let us know about anything that you need help with.  It is always nice to receive positive feedback or any snippets of good news!
Take care
Kim Huggett