Weekly News for Families 20.11.20

Dear Parents and Carers, 
thank you to everyone who donated to the Poppy Appeal this year. We raised £311.00! We have received a lovely card from the Royal British Legion thanking us.
Our school Christmas Dinner this year is on Wednesday 16th December 2020.
If you have a child in EYFS or KS1, they are entitled to UFSM (Universal Free School Meals) so will be able to have a Christmas Dinner. Please let the office know if they would like to join in by emailing office@yaptonschool.org by Sunday 6th December at the latest.
If you have a child in KS2 who is entitled to FSM (Free School Meals) and they would like a Christmas Dinner please email the office on office@yaptonschool.org by Sunday 6th December at the latest.
If you have a child in KS2 who is not entitled to FSM you can book their meal through Chartwells (our meal provider), this needs to be done by Sunday 6th December at the latest.
We will finalise our plans for Christmas and let you know next week. We are having to plan very differently this year due to the COVID restrictions whilst making sure that the children have fun !
Over the coming weeks it may be necessary for us to employ supply staff from a teaching agency in order to keep classes open and cover staff who may be isolating or have young children whose Nursery or school class has shut for isolation. We will try and secure one of our regular supply teachers, but at times this may not be possible. 
Please be careful when parking nearby or crossing North End Road. Our lovely Lollypop Lady Mrs Fenneymore is there to help you and your family cross the road.
Have a restful weekend and we look forward to seeing you on Monday
Take Care
Kim Huggett

Weekly News for Families 13.11.20

Dear parents and carers ,

our Remembrance Garden has been admired by local residents in the village and provided a stunning focus for when the whole school gathered safely outside on Wednesday at 11am to mark Remembrance Day, even the postman stayed to join in!


Please continue to be vigilant when out and about with your children and particularly if your children are out on their own, with regard to the sightings of a black van in nearby Lyminster.

Please make sure that you cross North End Road with Mrs Fenneymore our lovely Lollipop lady.


Please find attached our rationale and arrangements in preparation for if remote learning needs to take place. This week, all of the children have brought home various packs and resources ready for any isolation or if classes need to be closed for a period of time. The attached information explains how these resources will be used and linked to Google Classroom.


Mr Hughes will remain out of class next week and I will need to continue to work from home. Unfortunately my husband has tested positive for COVID and therefore my children and I need to continue to isolate following the guidance. I am in constant contact with school, but must remain at home. I will be back in school on Monday 23rd November.

Have a fabulous weekend

Take Care

Kim Huggett

Weekly News for Families 6.11.20

Dear Parents and Carers ,
our ‘Welcome Back Week of Hope’ had a fantastic finish today. We gathered as a whole school out on our playground (ensuring that class bubbles were distanced) and each class had the opportunity to show the rest of the school their special circle. Our Remembrance Garden was completed and each class visited in turn to plant their poppies. I have attached a couple of photos for you to see.
Rev Richard has organised a Messy Church with a Remembrance theme and warmly invites families to take part. Please use the link below
The children have come home today with their personal log-ins for Google Classroom.
For further details on how this works, please go to the REMOTE LEARNING TAB on our school website. We have set up the online classroom in case we need to close a whole class. For individual families who need to isolate, a knowledge organiser based on the current topic/theme for your child will be emailed to you from our school office.
Have a restful weekend and we look forward to seeing you on Monday.
Kim Huggett

Welcome Back 2.11.20

 Dear Parents and Carers,

welcome back to school after a very wet half-term! The children have had a very settled day today and have enjoyed beginning their learning about Remembrance Day and the value of Hope. I thought it was important that amidst the uncertainty at the moment, you knew what a positive start we have had here in school today.
Some of the children have asked if the lock-down from Thursday will mean that they stay at home. We have explained that this lock-down is slightly different to the first one as schools will be open fully to ALL children and we will carry on as we are, unless we have to close classes due to any positive cases.
You will receive your parental instructions for Google Classroom as well as your child’s login in/password for their classroom very soon. We will create a new tab on the website called November 2020 and the parental instructions and relevant links will be there for you to refer to. Your child will bring their log in/password home with them. We have a database of all the information required for Google Classroom and can reference this if you lose the details for child to access this.
Thank you to those families who remembered to bring in the plastic bottles today. We really need each child to bring in a plastic bottle as soon as possible please.
I have attached our prayer for November for you to share at home.
Please be mindful of our arrangements for adults on our playground when bringing or collecting children from school.
In addition, please do not wait for friends on our playground or on the pavements near to the school as this causes ‘pinch points’ and heightens both the risk factor and anxiety for other families.
These are unusual times and it is important that we continue to work together. If we can support you and your family in any way then please let us know, either by talking to one of us outside school at the beginning or end of the school day, or by emailing office2@yaptonschool.org .
Take Care
Kim Huggett

Half Term Update for families 29.10.20

Dear Parents and Carers,
I hope that you are enjoying your half term holiday and have managed to stay dry !
Looking forward to our return on Monday 2nd November, I just wanted to send a reminder about our Welcome Back ‘Week of Hope’.
Please remember to save as many plastic bottles as possible this week so that they can come into school on Monday ready to begin our Remembrance Garden.
On Thursday 5th November, we will be taking part in Outdoor Classroom Day. Each teacher has pledged to take at least one of their lessons outside of the classroom. PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT THE CHILDREN COME TO SCHOOL WEARING SUITABLE CLOTHING AND FOOTWEAR FOR OUTDOOR LEARNING. You may want to send in a pair of wellies in a bag. If it is your child’s Forest School day, it will continue as normal.
Take Care
Kim Huggett

Weekly News for Families 23.10.2020

Weekly News for Families

Dear Parents and Carers,
Thank you to everyone for their support and understanding as we have journeyed through this half term. Enjoy your week at home. The children have coped extremely well and we are very proud of them. They are tired and would really appreciate a rest and a gentler pace of life next week ! Enjoy your family time together. We return to school on Monday 2nd November.
Please see the attached information about our first week back after half term: Our Welcome back ‘Week of Hope’.
On Thursday 5th November, we will be taking part in Outdoor Classroom Day. Each teacher has pledged to take at least one of their lessons outside of the classroom. PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT THE CHILDREN COME TO SCHOOL WEARING SUITABLE CLOTHING AND FOOTWEAR FOR OUTDOOR LEARNING. You may want to send in a pair of wellies in a bag. If it is your child’s Forest School day, it will continue as normal.
Please make sure that these forms are completed by 31st October 2020. The school office has sent a reminder this week to those families who have not completed this process yet.
We are going to be using ‘Google Classroom’ to facilitate any remote learning that may be required by lock-downs or isolation if we need to close a class bubble. We will send you further information after half term.
Have a great week! See you all on Monday 2nd November.
Take Care
Kim Huggett


Dear Parents and Carers, 
you will be aware that the Government voted against providing meal vouchers during half term for families who have children receiving free school meals.
If you are a family who are concerned about how you will manage in half term, please contact us using the office2@yaptonschool.org email address if you think you are going to require a voucher for a local Foodbank. We can then issue you with one.
Please let us know by lunchtime tomorrow so that we can arrange this and make sure that you have the voucher ready for half term next week.
Kind regards
Kim Huggett

Friday News for Families 16.10.20

Friday News for Families 16.10.20

Dear Parents and Carers ,
our first week of Narrative Fortnight has been really successful. Our Key Stage 2 children have been working with the book ‘The Tunnel’ by Anthony Browne. Our Key Stage 1 children received a letter from the Fairy Godmother who needed help to design a pumpkin carriage for Cinderella: unfortunately she had lost her ‘spell’ for this and was in a terrible muddle! Perhaps over the next week you could share some Anthony Browne texts at home or any traditional tales.
There will be NO P.E lessons on this day. Full school uniform needs to be worn by everyone.
Once again the media coverage of the current situation is heightening people’s anxieties. In school we continue to follow the guidance that is necessary at the moment. We would ask that information that parents may share with each other is true, not hear-say as this can cause unnecessary worry and confusion.
We finish school on Friday 23rd October for half term. We return to school on Monday 2nd November.
Have a lovely weekend. We look forward to seeing you on Monday.
Kim Huggett

Weekly News for Families 9.10.20

Dear Parents and Carers,
we have had a very busy week here in school. Each class has visited the Pumpkin Prayer Patch and taken time to reflect on what they are thankful for. They have made their own paper prayer pumpkins, Some have come home to you and some are displayed in school. Thank you to the families who helped us with the straw bales and donating pumpkins. Our ‘Poetry Week’ has been a great success. The children have enjoyed the opportunity to write creatively and be responsible for publishing their own poem.
We now look ahead to our ‘Narrative Fortnight’. This will give the children the opportunity to explore an exciting picture book. The illustrations will form the basis of their work.
Please remember
  • all adults should be wearing a mask when on the school premises, unless they have an exemption lanyard
  • only one adult per family to be on the school site at any one time
  • siblings in Year 7 or above may only come onto the school site if they are collecting a younger sibling and they must be wearing a mask unless they are exempt
  • only arrive at the school at the allocated time for your child’s class
We need to continue to work together and support each other to keep as safe as possible.
As the weather begins to change, please remember to ensure that your child has a coat in school each day. We continue to keep as many doors and windows open as possible in order to ventilate the classrooms. Your child may need to wear an extra T-shirt underneath their school shirt as the weather turns colder.
Unfortunately we will be unable to take part in this activity this year as we do not have a FOYS or anyone to coordinate this. We would like to look at re-starting our fundraising meetings that we began before lock-down. This would have to be socially-distanced or via zoom.
MONDAY 19th OCTOBER : These will be individual photos this year. We are unable to group siblings together as it would mean breaking bubbles. We have been sent the COVID related organisational arrangements from Yellow photography and will be able to go ahead with school photos but only for individual pupils.
As I explained in my parent mail to Y5 and Y6 parents yesterday, I spoke to each class today about why we are moving to one Y6 class and two Y5 classes after half term. The children have identified their two best friends for their learning. We will look at these carefully over the next week and let the parents of the Y5 children moving from Arundel class know their classes on Friday 16th October.
Have a restful weekend.
Take care
Kim Huggett