Measures in place to reduce infection 12.12.22

Dear Parents and Carers,

Like many schools in the local area, we are seeing a rise in suspected Scarlett Fever and Strep A cases. Within the last 10 days, there has been 1 confirmed case of Scarlett Fever and 1 of Strep A at our school.

Following advice given from our Local Health Protection Team, we have put in a number of measures to reduce the risk of further infection and transmission for the remainder of the term. These include:

  • increased ventilation around the school (children will need to wear an extra layer of clothing underneath their school uniform from tomorrow)

  • increased hand washing during the day (using anti-bacterial foam)

  • the use of the ‘Catch it, Bin it, Kill it’ approach with sneezes, nose blowing and coughs (used tissues will be put into a nappy sack, which will then be tied up and binned)

  • increased use of anti-bacterial spray and/or wipes on tables, chairs, door handles and other key touch points throughout the day

    Based on this advice, tomorrow’s Key Stage Christmas Carol Services will continue to be held in the school hall with, however, only children and school staff attending.

    Thursday’s Christmas Discos and Friday’s Reindeer Run and Christmas Dinner will still go ahead at this stage, as they only involve school children and staff.

    Friday’s Rock Steady Concert will be held in the school with only parents and carers of the performing children to attend.

    The school will have a ‘deep-clean’ including the use of the ‘Fogger’ in preparation for our return in January. Measures may still need to be in place.

    We will keep you updated as necessary and hope you understand the reasons for the change of plans for the remainder of the week. As always, if you have any concerns or questions, please see me or use the email address.

    Take care

    Kim Huggett