Monday Message 13.07.2020

Dear Parents and Carers,
this week the Monday Message to you all is via Parentmail because I wanted to share with you the plans that we have put in place for our curriculum when we return in September.
For our children, being part of a class of 30 after such a long time will be exciting, but will also bring challenges. Taking turns, listening to others and generally being in a far larger group of children will take some getting used to!
We aim to introduce the curriculum gradually to our children whilst incorporating time to assess what stage they are at in their learning behaviours as well as their ability.
I have attached our plan for the first half of the Autumn term for you to read and to share with your children so that they are familiar with what is going to happen when they return to school.
I hope that you find this helpful.
Kind Regards
Kim Huggett

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