Studying History brings about an understanding of how present lifestyle has evolved.  The way we live today has been directly shaped by the way people lived in the past.  Work in this subject draws initially from first hand experience and the immediate locality and is designed to stimulate the children’s interest.  A major emphasis is placed on the use and interpretation of evidence through primary sources, such as letters, census data and other resources.

History also contributes to children’s knowledge of Britain’s past, from the Stone Age to modern day life. Children also develop an understanding of countries and cultures in the wider world, as well as the complexity of other people’s lives and how people and places change over time. They also consider their own identity and the challenges of their time. 

During their learning of History, children develop an awareness of the past and an understanding of the chronological order of events. They identify similarities and differences between their time and the past and are introduced to a wide range of historical periods.