We are committed to providing an inclusive education by identifying needs as early as possible and working closely with the children’s families to ensure the appropriate support is provided.

The school’s SEND policy sets out how we make provision for children to have access to all areas of the curriculum and how we support their learning in areas where they may be experiencing difficulty.

The school follows the guidelines set out in the Government’s Special Needs Code of Practice 2014. There is a staged response starting with the area of concern being investigated. The child’s progress is closely monitored. If appropriate progress is not being made, the child is then placed on SEN School Support and the needs are set out in a Personal Learning Journey (PLJ) with details of targets set and additional support given.

We follow an ‘Assess, Plan, Do, Review’ model. In some cases a child may need the involvement of an external agency (agencies) which may lead to their being referred for a statutory assessment and may require the an Educational Health Care Plan (EHCP). The school has excellent working partnerships with the Local Authority and with a range of outside agencies, who work in collaboration with staff, to provide advice and support.

The Special Educational Needs Team is led by the Inclusion Manager and consists of four Learning Support Assistants and a Learning Mentor.