Our Staff Team

Meet Our Wonderful Staff


Deputy Headteacher

Inclusion Leader

Mrs K E Huggett

Mr C D Hughes

Mrs T Hayes

Early Years and Key Stage One Team

Leader of Learning

Camber Class Teacher 

Camber Class  Teaching Assistant

Lewes Class  Teacher

Lewes Class  Teaching Assistant

Amberley Class  Teacher

Amberley Class  Teaching Assistant

Bramber Class  Teacher

Bramber Class  Teaching Assistant

Miss L Emery

Miss L Emery

Mrs A Browning

Miss L Costello

Mrs G Jones

Mrs A Cummings

Mrs V Wilson

Mrs E Groves

Mrs A Bateman

Key Stage Two Team

Leader of Learning

Southsea Class  Teacher

Southsea Class  Teaching Assistant

Pevensey Class  Teachers

Pevensey Class  Teaching Assistant

Portchester Class  Teacher

Portcheser Class Teaching Assistant

Arundel Class Teachers

Arundel Class Teaching Assistant

Bodiam Class  Teacher

Bodiam Class Teaching Assistant

Hastings Class Teachers

Hastings Class  Teaching Assistant

Mrs S Bayliss

Mrs S Bayliss

Mrs A Jacobs

Mrs L Bowles / Mrs C Horrex

Mrs K Fenneymore

Mr P Thompson

Mrs H Lavill

Mr C Hughes / Mrs J Green

Mrs S Turner

Miss C Hook

Mrs L Hazelgrove

Mrs T West / Mrs J Green

Mrs J Dean

Inclusion Teaching Assistants

Mrs J Rawlinson

Miss M Stone

Miss H Hadingham

Mrs W Diggens

Mrs K Puttock

Office Staff

School Business Manager

Temporary Secretary 

Attendance and Family Support Officer

Mrs P Wallbridge

Miss M Beadle

Mrs J Blunden

Midday Supervisors & First Aiders

Mrs A Bateman ( First Aider)

Mrs J Dean (First Aider)

Mrs L Hazelgrove

Mrs G Jones

Mrs J Rawlinson

Mrs K Puttock

Mrs A Jacobs

Mrs C Mossop

Mrs V Wilson

Mrs A Browning (Head First Aider)

Mrs K Fenneymore (First Aider)

Mrs J Hewson

Mrs H Lavill

Mrs S Turner (First Aider)

Mrs S Simmons

Mrs T Collett

Miss H Hadingham


Premises Staff

Premises Officer 

Mr J Blunden