PSHE and SRE in Summer 2

Dear Parents and Carers,
As you know, our PSHE curriculum is delivered through a scheme called JIGSAW.  Every half term, the learning is based around a singular theme.  For example, back in September the theme was ‘Being Me’ and at the beginning of the spring term. the children were learning about ‘Dreams and Goals’.
This half term, the theme is ‘Changing Me’ which delivers the statutory requirement of the Relationships Education, Health Education and Sex Education (RHSE) objectives within the PHSE curriculum.
Even though many of our children are in mixed-aged classes, they will only be split into discrete year groups for the teaching of this topic.
Details of the content of the RHSE curriculum have already been shared with you when we began using JIGSAW.  Attached is the guide for parents and carers published by JIGSAW.  Please read this carefully.  
Although SRE is statutory, parents and carers do have the right to request their child be excused from RSE sessions (this is commonly referred to as the right to withdraw).  Please follow this link which gives you more details regarding this.
After reading the two documents, if you have any further questions please talk to your child’s class teacher.
Kind regards
Chris Hughes
Deputy Headteacher