Dear Parents and Carers,
we have had an eventful first week back in school.
We started the week with the younger children being detectives and following a ‘door trail’; there were also ‘Roman Battles’ and ‘Norman Invasions’.
We have ended the week with a time of reflection and an expression of gratitude for Queen Elizabeth II. Each class held their morning meeting with a focus on the magnificent achievements and example set by the Queen.
We then came together in the school hall as our Yapton School Family. Each class had prepared a sentence to express their thanks for the service of the Queen. Children read their thoughts to the rest of the school. We then collated these into a special prayer.
I have attached our prayer to this ParentMail as I am sure that the children would love to share this with you.
We have thought carefully about our approach to this occasion and have concentrated on the legacy that the Queen has left for us.
We are of course here to support any of our school family who may need it.
We look forward to seeing everyone on Monday.
Take care
Kim Huggett