Amberley Gallery

Evie 3.07.2020

Billy 29.06.2020

I had fun making the Olympic flame and olympic rings. I have also been writing poems which I really enjoyed.

Billy C 11.06.2020

Evie 2.05.2020

Hi, hope everyone that’s still at Yapton school is keeping safe and well.
I absolutely loved watching the film. Both the original and the live action are my favourites. I sing along with all the songs. 
I have attached pictures from my learning journal to show what I’ve been doing and some puppets i have made. 
I have done p.e with Joe every day this week and especially love fancy dress Friday, today I was rainbow dash from my little pony.

Billy 1.05.2020

Evie 29/04/2020

I have been doing P.E with Joe Wicks every single day and haven’t missed a single session. I have also been using the websites provided to practise phonics and times tables. I particularly love getting crafty and drawing lots of different pictures.
I am putting all of my work into a learning journal.  Here is some of my work based on Finding Nemo. I am very excited that this week is based on Aladdin as this is my favourite movie.

Isla 15/04/2020

Evie 2/04/2020

For my first week I learned about plants and flowers and how they grow, I even got involved with planting flowers and how to look after them.
I’ve been doing lots of reading, spellings and writing short stories. 
I have also been doing lots of Maths using TT Rockstar and mummy also taught me a new way of learning my times tables. 
I have done P.E with Joe Wicks every day too and had lots of fun doing this.

Tyler 1/04/2020

Matthew – 25/03/2020

I have been working on my handwriting. 

Lilyana 25/03/2020