Arundel Gallery

Cassie 12.06.2020
This is my fact file on Harry Potter and model made based on the film.

Cassie 6.06.2020

Ellie 21.05.2020

I found a bee in distress at home. I remembered what Mrs West had told us to do, during a comprehension lesson,  if we found a bee on the floor. I fed the bee some sugar water and the bee gained enough strength to fly away. Thank you Mrs West. 

Cassie 18.05.2020

Ellisha 14.05.20

Cassie 12.05.2020

Henry and Edgar 5.05.2020

We chose to do Maui (Hawaii) because our mum went there a long time ago! We saw her photos and researched some facts about the island. We hope you like the poster we have made together.

Brooke Lily 29/04/2020

Today I have paint washed hearts to display in our window

Meadow and Sydney 23/04/2020

Here’s a picture of what we have been up to this week. We learnt about Andy Warhol and Friday Kahlo, did some origami and yoga, planted some sunflower seeds, made things with clay and today we baked cakes. 

Cassie 23/04/2020

Brooke – Lily  20/04/2020

For art today I drew round my families hands to make a display of us all being safe together.

Cassie 15/04/2020

Another week has past, I have been very busy again. I hope you are all safe and well.
Stay safe everyone.

Phoebe and Blake 14/04/2020

We have been missing you terribly but have been keeping very busy.
We wanted to show our appreciation and thanks to all the key workers and NHS staff plus we thought about cheering up our neighborhood so we decided to colour in the front of our house!
We hope you like it! Love from Phoebe and Blake Holcombe xx

Cassie 6/04/2020

We hope everyone from school is safe and in good health.  We are all well.
I have been working very hard and am really looking forward to the Easter challenges, many thanks to everyone in school for the ideas.

Ellie 3/04/2020

Today my challenge was to match the Countries with their flags, I got three wrong. I have also researched what their capital cities are and written them on.

Alona 1/04/2020

Ellie 30/03/2020

I really enjoy playing ‘Hour Of Code’. It helps with with my coding skills. I’m playing the ‘Plants vs Zombies’ one.

Brooke Lily 26/03/2020

I coloured this stain glass window to put in the lounge window. I hope it makes people feel happy when they are walking past.  

Cassie 26/03/2020

Alannah 24/03/2020

I have been making cupcakes while doing maths at the same time because I had to scale down the amount of icing I wanted for the cakes.Here is a maths problem for you:
If I have 5 cakes left and I’ve already eaten 3/4 of them. How many will Mr Hughes not get?