Hastings Gallery

Darcey 5.06.2020

Darcey 22.05.2020

We have done lots of cooking this week as we’ve made bread, croissants and French themed cupcakes! I really enjoyed building the Eiffel Tower from Lego and the Matisse art work.  

Darcey 21.05.2020

I really enjoyed the frozen 2 learning. As well as the learning shown in the photos, I also did 2 science experiments. The melting ice cube and the water and oil.  

We all loved dancing round the house to hits from 1986, I wasn’t so convinced by the fashion choices however!! 
Owen 11.05.2020

Rihanna 1/05/2020

Emma 25/04/2020

This is my underwater scene made out of polymer clay, I used food dye to colour the water.

Rhianna 25/04/2020

Hello, I hope you are all well, 
I enjoyed watching finding nemo and doing work about our sea and how we can help protect the sea life.
We have enjoyed going for walks around the country side. 

Darcey 21/04/2020

Darcey’s underwater shoebox scene. Hasting class

Ethan and Rihanna 22/04/2020

We have been going on plenty of walks, daytime and early evening, talking about how the sun rises, sets, the moon, planets and stars. We are also looking for wild life, bugs, different trees etc. We are loving getting plenty of exercise in the garden, on the climbing frame and on the trampoline.  We can both can do back flips now! 
Most importantly, we are appreciating and enjoying the time we have together. We really enjoyed doing this rock painting together. Thank you for the online website support and twitter feed, it helps keep the children connected to school. 

Darcey 15/04/2020