Lewes Gallery

Isaac 8.06.2020

Aaron 6/04/2020

Matilda 26/03/2020
Thank you very much for setting up the gallery of the children’s work for each class, it has been great to see what everyone else has been up to. We have carried on with London as our topic, these photos show you what I have done. 
Phoebe 26/03/2020

Yesterday we went for a walk along the beach for our daily exercise and collected lots of shells and today we used cardboard from our recycling which we painted and then Glued the shells on to spell out “PHOEBE”.

Ben 25/03/2020

I have been working on my handwriting. 

Oliver 24/03/2020

I am missing school lots and can’t wait to show Miss Costello my work when we are back! I am doing numbers and phonics for a little while during the day and then reading in the evening. The rest of the time I am outside or playing with my brothers.  One of the pictures I drew was of school. We drew my classroom and Camber classroom and then coloured and wrote the teachers’ names.