Portchester Gallery

Lucy 2.06.2020

Joshua 28.05.2020

Lucy 20.05.2020

I am loving this week’s work as I love the Eiffel Tower. 

Alys 18.05.2020

Lucy 18.05.2020

Lucy 12.05.2020

This is Lucy’s earth giant. She loved making it. Hope you’re all keeping safe. 

Abbey & Lucy 

Robyn 11.05.2020

Thank you for another great timetable of work this week.
This picture shows all the work I have done this week on the Moana theme.

Joshua 10.05 2020

Here is some of my work for the last week, we also made things in preparation for VE Day.

Joshua 7.05.2020

I made this bunting with a little help from Mum! 

Joshua 4.05.2020


Ethan 1.05.2020

Oliver 1/05/2020

Brandon 29/04/2020

I have made an anglerfish and written some information about it. I’ve been doing spellings, reading, times table rock stars and baking with mummy as well.

Elsie Mae 28/04/2020

Oliver 28/04/2020

We enjoyed watching Finding Nemo as a family last week and after Oliver spent time putting together a lovely fact file about different sea creatures – he tried his best with his writing and done some amazing art work.  

Oliver also joined Rockstar times tables and has been building up his coins daily.
We have started the new week off with a magical genie lamp full of Oliver’s wishes and will look forward to sharing with you at the end of the week. 

Ethan 23/04/2020

Ethan and Rihanna 22/04/2020

We have been going on plenty of walks, daytime and early evening, talking about how the sun rises, sets, the moon, planets and stars. We are also looking for wild life, bugs, different trees etc. We are loving getting plenty of exercise in the garden, on the climbing frame and on the trampoline.  We can both can do back flips now! 
Most importantly, we are appreciating and enjoying the time we have together. We really enjoyed doing this rock painting together. Thank you for the online website support and twitter feed, it helps keep the children connected to school. 

Elsie-Mae 23/04/2020

Brandon 16/04/2020

I have made a Loch Ness monster and written facts about it.  I have been baking biscuits, bread and cakes with mummy and also been doing maths, reading and spellings.

Alby 2/04/2020

Brandon 25/03/2020

Lucy 25/03/2020

I am enjoying being at home and keeping myself busy. Apart from using TTRockstars and Mathsframe, I have been doing puzzles on my tablet, trying to complete a 1000 piece jigsaw and other activities too. I am really enjoying the PE with Joe Wicks every morning. 
We hope that you are all keeping well.

Zach 24/03/2020

Today I learnt about the life of plants. We found some information on BBC bitesize and talked about it together. Then I did a diagram and a piece of writing to remember what we had learned.

I wanted to learn more about the Stone Age and have sent in the beginning of my topic. I am also doing reading, maths , PE , and spellings at home.