Southsea Gallery

Ella 10.07.2020

Ellie H-B  3.07.2020

Ella 3.07.2020

Ella  – 28.06.2020

Ellie 26.06.2020

Today I have been learning about Climate Zones. I had fun looking at the cold climates and the hot ones.
Ellie 25.06.2020

Ella 22.06.2020

Ellie 19.06.2020

I researched the Olympics and Paralympics – hope you like it. I really enjoyed it and found it interesting.

Ellie 12.06.2020

This morning I have been looking at Clymping Beach for my Geography task. I hope you enjoy reading my findings.

Domas 11.06.2020

I wanted to share some of the art work I have been doing at home. 

Ellie 11.06.2020

Ella 5.06.2020

Ella 19.06.2020

Ellie 22.05.2020

Ella 22.05.2020

Ella 15.05.20

Ella 11.05.2020

Ella  1/05/2020

Matthew 1/05/2020

Gracie 30/04/2020

Olivia and Hallie 30/04/2020

We have been enjoying this weeks Aladdin tasks.
After watching the film, Hallie did the writing exercise asking for three wishes, Olivia is still completing her diary, but did have a go at the treasure map.

Ava 29/04/2020

Riley 29/04/20

I’ve found out about the beluga whale, been reading, been learning spellings and working on my times table rock star. I have also been baking with mummy.

Ella 25/04/2020

Meadow and Sydney 23/04/2020

Here’s a picture of what we have been up to this week. We learnt about Andy Warhol and Friday Kahlo, did some origami and yoga, planted some sunflower seeds, made things with clay and today we baked cakes. 

Ella – 22/04/2020

Ella 21/04/2020

Ellie  17/04/2020

Hello everyone,
We are all keeping safe and well. Mum and Dad are keeping me busy with Maths and English exercises and we have been enjoying being able to be in the garden. We all loved the My Lighthouse video 
Here is a little poem I wrote for Spring.
Riley 16/04/2020

This is my WW2 shelter. I have also been baking cakes ,bread and biscuits with Mummy and doing reading, spellings and maths.

Tom 12/04/2020

The video of My Lighthouse was so uplifting for all of us, thank you 🎹🎼 I am really missing the familiar world of school/friends/teachers and it made me really happy when I watched the video. 

I have been doing school work every week day morning. We start with Joe Wickes PE, then maths & English with Mum followed by 5 words from the dictionary with Dad and then a craft/baking activity. I’ve cracked the 24 hour clock, done fantastically well with maths problem solving, kept up my Rock Stars,  been spotting lambs on trips out on my bike and also been busy writing letters to Gran to help her to stop feeling lonely. 

Bradley N 1/04/2020

Hallie and Olivia 31/03/2020

Today we made something very special.. a time capsule! Within it are letters from us explaining who we are and everything to do with the Coronavirus pandemic! We have included newspapers, costs of things to date in 2020, pictures and photos, statistics, gloves and lots of other fun things in the hope that in many years to come whoever discovers it can share this little bit of history! We have even had all these pictures sent to a local newspaper in the hope that we can bring a bit of positivity in such a difficult time. 

Ellie 26/03/2020
Today I wrote my own version of the gingerbread man story and then we baked gingerbread men, they were delicious.

Riley 25/03/2020

I have been learning about WW1 and the bombs. I have also been making a comic.  I am making sure that I do some PE every day as well as some reading, spellings and maths.

Amelia 25/03/2020

Today, I helped daddy make this lovely cob style loaf today. It tasted fantastic!