Dear Parents and Carers,
we have received this communication from Eastergate Primary School.
Please be vigilant and reinforce with your children about how to keep safe.
Dear Colleagues,
We had an incident this morning where a pupil was approached by two men in a white van. The following information was sent out to parents of pupils at Eastergate CE Primary this afternoon. I have been in contact with the police, the communications team and the safeguarding team at West Sussex. The communication below has been cleared with Steve Pickthall.
This morning we have been informed of an incident that occurred in Church Lane at approximately 8.15am. A pupil reported that they were stopped by two men in a small white van and asked to get into the van. The van approached Church Lane from Barnham Road and was travelling towards school. Thankfully the pupil was not physically harmed and information about the incident has been passed on to Sussex Police. Please talk to your children about ‘stranger danger’ and walking or cycling to school with a friend where possible. Should you have any information regarding this or any similar incidents, please report them to the school and police.   
Take care    
Kim Huggett

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