School Clubs

Dear Parents and Carers,
At our school, we believe it is important to offer the children different opportunities and experiences outside of the normal classroom environment.  One way this is done is through offering a range of extra-curricular clubs which are run either by members of staff or outside providers.
Attached is the list of the clubs we are offering this term.  
If your child is interested in taking part in one or more of these clubs, they will need to collect a permission slip from their class teacher tomorrow.  These slips will then need to be filled in and returned back to the class teacher by Friday morning so that places can be confirmed before the end of the week.  
Some of the clubs will have restricted numbers.  Places for these will be decided fairly by picking names out of a hat. 
There is a clear expectation that the children attend the clubs each week.
Kind regards,
Chris Hughes
Deputy Headteacher

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