Weekly News for Families 08.09.23

Dear Parents and Carers,

Wow! What an amazing first week of the new school year we have had! There has been a lovely friendly atmosphere around the school where everyone has been getting either reaquainted with or getting to know their classes and school grown-ups. A special mention should be made to our new Early Years children in Lewes and Camber Class who have really enjoyed becoming part of our school community through their play and exploration of their learning environments.

During Worship on Monday, we thought about what has remained the same and what is different at the beginning of term. We also thought about how the same seed can grow differently in different types of soil. Through the parable of the sower – Matthew 13.23: ‘For what was sown on good soil,,, bears fruit and yields..’ the children decided what type of soil they are to help their learning grow,,,

Launching into Learning

The children have launched themselves into their learning and during today’s morning meetings they have reflected on what they have learned already:

Early Years have been learning to:

  • play with friends

  • share on the bikes

  • where things go in the classroom

  • how to do drawing

    Years 1 and 2 have been learning:

  • how to put things in order from smallest to biggest

  • how to make a delicious fruity potion

  • how to make magic wands

  • how to explore in the Year 1 and 2 way

    Years 3 and 4 have learned:

  • that woolly mammoths covered themselves in mud to keep the flies away

  • that woolly mammoths dug in the snow to find food using their tusks and trunks

  • how to partition numbers in different ways – not just the part whole method

  • how to use more exciting words

  • how to set their work out neatly in their books

  • how to make a new friend

    Year 5 and 6 have been learning about:

  • Roman numerals

  • classifying animals using scientific vocabulary

  • being an Anglo-Saxon character to help me with their writing

  • what clothes Anglos-Saxons wore

  • the detailed designs in Anglo-Saxon brooches and sword handles

  • getting back in the routine of school

    House and Sports Captains

    The children gathered in their Community Circles yesterday afternoon to elect their House and Sports Captains. Over 25 of our Year 6 children put themselves forward in front of their peers. Well done to all of them for doing this and congratulations to our newly elected captains:

House Captains

Sports Captains

St. Andrew

St. David

St. George

St. Patrick

Tighe and Lilli

Chloe and Evan

Jessica and Molly

Betsie and Edgar

Cierra and Bradley

Rosie and Lucas

Theo T and Emma

Maddison and Katie

It was lovely to everyone actively involved in this process where our school values of Community, Hope, Wisdom and Dignity were all clearly evident. The British Value of Democracy was also clear to see as the children marked their choices with an ‘X’ on their voting slips.

Home Learning

By the end of next week, every child will have been given a reading book and a reading record book. Expectations of what we would like to be done at home to support the children’s learning will also be shared, which will include the half termly home learning challenges.

Support Drop-in Meetings

Craig Barton, from the Dedicated Schools Team, will be in school offering drop-in sessions between 1pm and 3pm on Friday 29th September. If you would like an appointment, please talk to or contact Mrs Browning, our Family Learning Mentor. Her email address is flm@yaptonschool.org


Now that all the children are back together and sometimes in close proximity to each other, please can you regularly check your child’s hair for any unwanted little visitors. If you do find a case of headlice, please can you treat it in the appropriate way.

It has been a very hot week and everyone has just about coped! Here’s hoping for a few more days of warm sunshine…

Have a lovely weekend.

Take care

Kim Huggett