Weekly News For Families – 10.03.23

Dear Parents and Carers,

During Monday’s worship, the children began to think about why differences matter. They thought about lots of amazing facts about camels and wondered if other animals wanted to be like them. They also watched and listened to the Old Testament story of Gideon – a very lowly man who God used in a powerful way. This led into Thursday’s Community Circles where, in their houses, the children discussed the question, ‘Why do our differences matter?’ There were some amazing ideas and responses. Here is a small selection of them:

  • It would be weird if we were all the same

  • It would be hard to make friends

  • Differences make the world a better place

  • We wouldn’t be able to show our personalities

  • You have to be brave to be different

  • Differences cause arguments and sometime arguments are important

    The children have been challenged to explore this last idea further during their class morning meetings at the beginning of next week.

    Published Poetry

    Congratulations to five young poets! Poems about the pollution in the world’s seas and oceans written by Poppy C, Oliver J, Oscar H, Logan A and James B will be published in a special anthology of poems by an organisation called Young Writers. It’s great that work from our school will be read by lots of other people!

    Easter Holiday Activities

    Calling any budding Andy Murrays or Emma Radacanus… Attached is a flyer about a Tennis Camp in the Easter Holidays.

    There is also information about other Easter Holiday Camps, with additional information regarding the government’s HAF (Holiday and Food) programme aimed at supporting families entitled to benefits-reated free school meals. Any booking for the HAF funded places will require a HAF number. These are available from the school office.

    South Coast Sports are also offering a range of Easter Activity Camps. Details of those in the local area are as follows: Felpham Easter Activity campMonday 3rd April – Thursday 6th April
    (HAF eligible children/Ukrainian Refugee children can attend this camp for FREE) https://southcoastsports.org.uk/product/bishoptufnell-easter-camp/Bognor Easter Activity camp Tuesday 11th April – Friday 14th April
    (HAF eligible children/ Ukrainian Refugee children are able to attend this camp for FREE) https://southcoastsports.org.uk/product/stmarys-easter-camp/Bognor Easter Activity camp Tuesday 11th April – Friday 14th April
    (HAF eligible children/ Ukrainian Refugee children are able to attend this camp for FREE) https://southcoastsports.org.uk/product/stmarys-easter-camp/

    International Mathematics Day – Tuesday 14th March

    Maths is all around us, from the money in our pockets to the hexagons in a beehive. Maths solves problems, tells the time, helps us with our finances and is used in almost every career in some way. Maths can improve your cooking, your measuring, your shopping, your brain and is a universal language that can be spoken all over the world.

    At Yapton C. of E. Primary School we believe that our children should have a Mathematics Curriculum that empowers them to be able to ‘live life in all its fullness.’

    Our curriculum intent for Maths is to enable our children

  • to have a secure understanding of Mathematics and its important role in our world today;

  • to be involved in planning their own mathematical journey and developing their own mathematical abilities;

  • to be confident, independent Mathematicians, who have high aspirations in all that they do;

  • to develop a sense of curiosity and wonder towards Mathematics, to take risks and to be reflective;

  • to engage in purposeful real experiences, using their Mathematical skills and knowledge in a range of different practical and contexts and those relating to everyday life;

  • to be kind and supportive, sharing their Mathematical skills and knowledge with others, understanding celebrating the uniqueness of individuals and their particular abilities.

    We are celebrating World Mathematics Day on Tuesday 14th March, with a Maths-filled day. Please read the attached invitation which provides further information about what will be a brilliant day. Ideas for dressing up as a number are also attached.

    Have a lovely weekend.

    Chris Hughes

    Deputy Headteacher