Dear Parents and Carers,
What a wonderful colourful way to end another busy week! The children really enjoyed wearing ‘yellow’ today for ‘World Kindness Day’ which takes place tomorrow. We spent time today reflecting on the value of ‘kindness’ and what this means for us. We thought about many questions… Are we being kind to others? Are we being kind to ourselves? It is important that we show ourselves kindness in order to be kind to others.
Our positive discussions about kindness today will be the foundation for our work next week during ‘Anti-Bullying Week’. In school we talk about S.T.O.P – Several Times On Purpose as our definition of bullying.We will be exploring this theme further next week.
Unfortunately we have been made aware of children kicking stones in driveways and knocking on the windows of local residents. We have also been made aware of some of our parents being rude to local residents and being disrespectful when driving.  Mrs Wallbridge and I were positioned further along North End Road today to try to help with this situation.  We will need to adjust our position next week to try to deal with issues in another nearby location caused by our school families. The outcome of this is that we are not at the school gate to either welcome or say good-bye to the children.  This situation is therefore not fair on anyone.  Please be mindful of the example that is being set to our children.  Thank you.
Yesterday we met together as a whole school to take time to reflect,  remember and be grateful for all those who have given their lives in service in order to enable our freedom.  We listened to powerful reflections from Betsy, Ella, Oliver C and Toby, who shared their work that they had completed for homework. Some of our school grown-ups shared a poem for the children to listen to.  We took part in the national silence for two minutes.  We ended our Worship with a gentle hymn called ‘Turn Your Thoughts’.  We listened to the music from Elgar’s Nimrod as we came in and out of the hall.  The children showed respect and care throughout our Worship together.
I would like to explain that the decision not to have sibling photos was made by the photography company, not the school.  The closing date for the photos is TUESDAY 16TH NOVEMBER 2021.
I have attached details from Chartwells our catering provider about the Christmas Dinner in school. This is still free for all children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2. Any paid orders can be placed from now until the 28th November at www.mealselector.co.uk
Have a lovely weekend.
Take care
Kim Huggett