Dear Parents and Carers,

we hope that everyone enjoyed their bank holiday weekend and the event of the Coronation of the King!

Y6 SATS – Standard Assessment Tests

Wow! Our children in Year 6 have really worked hard this week! Their work ethic and positive attitude to the tests was OUTSTANDING! Whilst these tests are an important milestone in the learning journey of our children, it is important to put them into a wider context. I would like to remind the children:

‘Don’t be stressed,

You did your best!

Remember that you’ve been blessed…

With skills that SATS don’t test!’

Please make sure that they have a rest this weekend.


Just a reminder that school photos will be taken on Tuesday 16th May. There will be no P.E that day. These will be traditional class photos as well as individual photos for our Y6 children.


On Thursday 18th May, the whole school will be taking part in Outdoor Classroom Day. Please make sure that the children are dressed appropriately for the weather! If it is their normal P.E day, they can be dressed in their normal P.E kit with additional footwear (wellies etc..) if necessary.


Please make sure that our local neighbours are respected when parking your car to drop off or collect your children. The B.T. depot car park is not a public car-park and the grass verge on the corner should not be used to park on.


Looking ahead, in our whole school Worship on Monday 15th May, Miss Costello (who is our subject leader for Art & Design) will be launching an ‘Art Exhibition’ that we are going to take part in. The theme is one of our school values – the value of ‘Hope’. More details will follow about this very exciting project.

Have a lovely weekend.

We look forward to seeing you on Monday.

Take care

Kim Huggett