Weekly News For Families – 13.10.2023

Dear Parents and Carers,

We have only got one more week of this half term left! Where has the time gone?

Hopefully you were able to celebrate your children’s learning at our Time To Shine afternoon today. The children were very keen to find their three pieces work they were most proud of to share with you. You will have the chance to talk more about their learning at next week’s Parent-Teacher meetings. If you have not yet made an appointment, please do through ParentMail.

World Mental Health Day

At the beginning of this week, the focus of our whole school worship was ‘World Mental Health Day’ (which was actually on the Tuesday). The children were reminded that at the beginning of term they were introduced to the four parts of our ‘health’: physical, emotional, social and mental health. Through the story of Lucy’s Blue Day

(please click on the title to watch), the children thought about how it is not always possible to feel great and that when we are feeling sad it is important we tell someone. The children were also reminded about God’s love for them. No matter how we are feeling – whether is it happy, cross, jealous, excited or a bit blue – we are always special in the eyes of God – ‘Yet you, Lord, are our father. We are the clay, you are the potter; We are all the work of your hand.’ (Isaiah 64:8)

The 5th Way to Well Being

Over the past few weeks, the children have thinking about and sharing their ideas about the 5 Ways to Well Being. So far, they have looked at Connect, Be Active, Keep Learning and Give. Next week, the children will be discussing the 5th way: Take Notice. Attached are the aspects of this they will exploring. At the end of this week, the children are going to bring all of their ideas from the last few weeks together. It will be exciting to hear what they have been talking about and what they are going to take away from these discussions.

Key Stage Worships

Every fortnight, on a Wednesday, Worship at Yapton C. of E. Primary School is a little different. The Key Stage 2 children gather together at the beginning of the afternoon and then before the end of the day, the younger Early Years and Key Stage 1 children come into the hall. Quite often during these times, a key issue that has been on the news is explored through a big question. This week the Key Stage 2 children explored ‘How does change happen?’ through this year’s Black History Month’s theme of ‘Saluting our Sisters’. The children were challenged to consider the impact and legacy of Olive Morris

(click on the link for her story), Nicola Adams, Evelyn Dove and Diane Abbott, whilst thinking about the importance of making sure everyone’s voice is heard.

Black History Month was also the theme for the younger children as they thought about inclusion, acceptance and kindness towards everyone as they listened to a story called ‘A World for Me and You.’ This story celebrates our incredible world made up up 195 countries, 10 million colours and 6,500 languages.

Extra Curricular Clubs

The extra curricular clubs timetable for the second half of the Autumn Term has already been sent out on ParentMail. You may have spotted an additional club on Thursday afternoons. JC Sports (a local clubs provider) is going to run a Fencing club. Place are strictly limited and they are already been snapped up quite quickly. There are a few spaces left…

Reporting Absence Due To Illness

If you need to report your child’s absence due to illness – either through ParentMail or by leaving a phone message – please can you give a clear reason, rather than just saying your child is unwell. The school office team thanks you for your cooperation with this.

I think Autumn is going to abruptly make an appearance this weekend. Whatever you are up to, stay safe.

Take care

Kim Huggett