Dear Parents and Carers,

although the weather has been bright and sunny, it has also been extremely warm so our learning has led us to the shadiest and coolest places on our school site. We have made sure that our playtimes and lunchtimes have included both active sessions and time for quiet and rest.

Many of our children have had their sunhats and water-bottles, but some have not. It is really important that the children have

  1. A sun hat

  2. A water bottle

  3. Sun cream applied before coming to school


    Proverbs 3:5-8 Trust in the Lord with all your heart.

    We looked at the story of George Muller who set up a number of orphanages and lived his life by receiving donations rather than a salary. He believed and put his trust in God that he would survive due to the kindness of others. That led us to think about what trust meant to us. Some of the children have recorded their thoughts on our new interactive reflection table in our school hall.

    ‘Trust is to believe in someone and put faith in them.’ Hunter

    ‘Trust is when someone is really kind and you can rely on them.’ Indi

    ‘You need to trust yourself in your choices otherwise you will be stuck in darkness.’ Summer

    ‘You need trust to protect yourself.’ Poppy W

    ‘Trust helps me to be kind.’ Isla McC

    ‘You should trust people – because if you do, your trust will come back to you.’ Maddison


    Next week we will be taking part in this exciting festival. Each class has made a pledge to take their maths learning outside. The children will be able to consolidate their learning whilst engaging in a variety of active mathematical challenges.

    SPORTS DAY 23.6.23

    We are looking forward to our ‘Sports Day and Family Picnic’ next Friday. We are combining the events so that the whole school takes part together. All of the children will need to be in their P.E. kit white T-shirts (with or without the school logo), black shorts/skorts, white socks and plain trainers. Each child will be given a coloured sticker by their teacher to represent their house colour.

    The events will begin at 9.30am.

    There will be a carousel of events to start with and siblings will be together in key stage house teams competing for points for their house.

    We will then stop for a ‘comfort break’ for the children.

    The track events will then begin. During next week, the children will be taking part in heats to make sure that the final races on Sports day are fair.

    At 12pm we will have our ‘Family Picnic’. The children will need to be collected from their classrooms and then families can sit for their picnic together on the field.

    If you have ordered a hot meal for your child on that day, they can pop into our Log Cabin at their normal time for their meal and then come back to you.

    12.00: EYFS and Y1

    12.20: Y2,Y3,Y4

    12.40: Y5,Y6

    We will finish our picnic at 1pm when the children will go back to their classrooms.


    We are really looking forward to seeing the children’s artwork that is their representation of the value of Hope. The exhibition will be open to our home grown ups from 11.30 am and will remain open until 1.30pm.

    The children will have an opportunity to view the exhibition from 1.30pm onwards.

    Each masterpiece will cost £10.00 and further copies can be ordered for families and friends.

    The purchased masterpiece will be sent home on Monday 26th June with any additional copies to follow a few days later.

    Have a lovely weekend and we look forward to our active week next week!

    Take care

    Kim Huggett