Dear Parents and Carers,
I’m not sure where this week has gone! We welcomed some visitors from other schools this week who remarked on the quality of our children’s work, the engagement of the children in their learning and their impeccable manners. I shared this news with the children in our whole school Worship this afternoon. The children should feel very proud, as should their families. Thank you.
I would like to update you with some staffing news as we look forward to the start of the Spring Term in January 2022.
Mrs Fenneymore has not been in school recently due to her being unwell. She has made the decision to leave our school and her final day was yesterday. We have sent her flowers from the staff here at school. Mrs Fenneymore has been a friendly face at the school for many years and she will be missed. We wish her well as she begins new adventures. As she was unable to be in school for her final day, if you would like to leave a message or gift for Mrs Fenneymore at the school office, we will make sure that they are delivered to her.
Mrs Duyman has been with us for nearly a year now covering Mrs Bowles maternity leave. Her final day with us is Tuesday 14th December as Mrs Bowles will be returning in January 2022. I would like to thank Mrs Duyman for her imaginative ideas and creativity that she has brought to our school. Unfortunately she is unwell at the moment but we hope to see her soon.
Mrs Bowles will be returning to teach 1 day a week in Southsea class with Mrs Bayliss and a further day per week to cover teachers for their subject leader release time. We look forward to welcoming Mrs Bowles back to our school.
Ms Bevan will continue to teach Pevensey class, but will move her days to a Monday and Tuesday. She will be joined by Mrs Horrex who will teach Pevensey class for the rest of the week.
We will be welcoming Miss Ellie Parsons to our school in January 2022. She will be the permanent full-time teacher in Lewes class. She is a bright, young and experienced teacher who is really looking forward to joining our school. You will be able to meet her before the end of this term. She will spend time with the children before becoming their full time teacher in January. Miss Parsons will also be joining the EYFS/KS1 team for their planning meetings this term so that she is familiar with our ways of working. When I have a definite date for the children and  families in Lewes class to meet her, I will let you know.
I would like to thank Mrs Hillier for teaching Lewes class this term. Mrs Hillier will remain with us as one of our regular supply teachers.
We are holding a Christmas Tombola to raise money to buy more maths equipment for the classes. We have introduced a more practical approach to our maths learning journey following a ‘Mastery’ approach. I have attached a document that explains this new approach to the teaching of maths in our school. The money that we raise will be divided equally between each class so that they can choose their maths equipment.
A huge congratulations to all of the children in  St Andrews house who collected the most merits last half term. They chose to have a disco from our ‘rewards menu’ and thoroughly enjoyed cutting some shapes on the dance floor at school today. They chose their playlist and Miss Hook and Mrs Horrex were spotted leading the ‘Macarena’! I wonder who will win the merits race this half term?
Have a lovely weekend.
Take care
Kim Huggett