Weekly News for Families 20.11.20

Dear Parents and Carers, 
thank you to everyone who donated to the Poppy Appeal this year. We raised £311.00! We have received a lovely card from the Royal British Legion thanking us.
Our school Christmas Dinner this year is on Wednesday 16th December 2020.
If you have a child in EYFS or KS1, they are entitled to UFSM (Universal Free School Meals) so will be able to have a Christmas Dinner. Please let the office know if they would like to join in by emailing office@yaptonschool.org by Sunday 6th December at the latest.
If you have a child in KS2 who is entitled to FSM (Free School Meals) and they would like a Christmas Dinner please email the office on office@yaptonschool.org by Sunday 6th December at the latest.
If you have a child in KS2 who is not entitled to FSM you can book their meal through Chartwells (our meal provider), this needs to be done by Sunday 6th December at the latest.
We will finalise our plans for Christmas and let you know next week. We are having to plan very differently this year due to the COVID restrictions whilst making sure that the children have fun !
Over the coming weeks it may be necessary for us to employ supply staff from a teaching agency in order to keep classes open and cover staff who may be isolating or have young children whose Nursery or school class has shut for isolation. We will try and secure one of our regular supply teachers, but at times this may not be possible. 
Please be careful when parking nearby or crossing North End Road. Our lovely Lollypop Lady Mrs Fenneymore is there to help you and your family cross the road.
Have a restful weekend and we look forward to seeing you on Monday
Take Care
Kim Huggett

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