Dear Parents and Carers,

what an amazing end to our first half term!

All of our ‘Class Charters’ have now been created and agreed. Each class has decided on the positive behaviours that they expect to see within their classroom and all of the children in the class have signed up to this.

Our Early Years children had the opportunity to share with their families their photos and work at our ‘6 Weeks In’ event. It was great to see the combination of ‘work’ and ‘play’. Thank you to the families that attended. If you were unable to attend, please see your child’s class teacher and they will arrange another time for you to see their books.

Thank you to all of the families who attended our Parent-Teacher Meetings this week. We hope that you found it helpful to meet a little bit later in the term this time. If you were unable to attend, your child’s class teacher will either phone you to catch up or will arrange an alternative meeting.


If you were unable to attend either of these meetings for children in Y2 or Y6, I have attached the presentations for you to read. They will also be available on our school website under the Information tab.


We wish you a happy and healthy half term ready for an exciting start to our next half term on Monday 31st October. We have had a lot of illness in school recently and so the half term has is a welcome break to rest and recover! Please use the half term to also check for any ‘wiggly hair visitors’. We have had a reported case of ‘nits’. I have attached an information sheet about headlice for you.


I have attached the ‘hooks’ for the launch of the learning journeys for the next half term. The first day back in school after half term looks to be very exciting!

Have a fabulous half-term.

Take care

Kim Huggett