Weekly News For Families – 26.06.22

Dear Parents and Carers,
I can’t believe we are already at the end of Week 3 of the second half of the summer term!
Half-Way Learning Pit Stop
Here’s a Half-Way Learning Pitstop of some of the amazing learning that has been happening recently:
“We are making our own Worship.  The toys are the children and we are writing some prayers.” (Bonnie, Lily B and Thea in Camber Class)
“We are learning about Australia – we know that koalas and kangaroos live there.” (Reggie and Letty in Lewes Class)
“In Australia it is hot and in the winter, when it is Christmas, it is still hot!” (Jake and Scarlett in Amberley Class)
“We have published our travel brochure leaflets.  We have also experimented with primary colours to create secondary colours.  We used red, yellow and blue to make black and discovered we had to use even amounts!” (Poppy C, Poppy W, Dexter and Alex M in Bramber Class)
“We have been looking at a book called ‘Jumangi’ because it was written in 1981 and we are leanrnng about the decade of the 1980s.  We are writing our own versions of the story to scare our friends in Years 5 and 6!” (Lilli M and Sneha in Southsea Class)
“Yesterday, we were drafting our story based on the text ‘Jumangi’.  We have changed some of the story to make our own version.  Our audience in Year 5 and 6: we are hoping to impress them.
“I’ve learnt a lot about Australia.  I’ve learnt about the 80s – this decade was full of neon colours.  Vivienne Westward used to put her hair up in crazy ways!” (Kaitlyn and Tahlia in Portchester Class)
“We have been learning about the Windrush Generation.  In our Art books, we have been planning to make a sculpture inspired the Windrush stories.  We have to show a symbol of strength, peace and harmony that represent these values.  We have to create the pose to then form our sculptures.” (Teresa and Evie KC in Hastings Class)
“We have been learning about Floella Benjamin.  She was part of the Windrush Generation.  She is now a Baroness so sits in the House of Lords.” (Freddie and Evie M in Arundel Class)
“We have learnt how to draw humans so that we could put them into a pose to create a sculpture.  The sculpture will represent feelings and emotions about the Windrush.  We also saw Prince William unveil the winning Windrush sculpture at Waterloo Station in London.” (Toni and Sofia in Bodiam Class)
As you can the children have been very busy.  We can’t wait to see the final outcomes for many of the things the children have been talking so excitedly about.
School Summer Discos
The Summer Discos will take place on the last day of term – Thursday 21st of July.  The EYFS/KS1 disco will be at 3:30pm-4:30pm (the children will bring their disco clothes to school and get changed after school); The KS2 disco will be from 4:45pm to 6pm.  Tickets for these discos are £2 per child which need to be be paid through ParentPay.  Please look out for a separate ParentMail letter with more details regarding this.
Enjoy the weekend – look out for the Red Arrows who will be flying over Goodwood…!
Take care
Kim Huggett