Welcome Back to School

We are looking forward to seeing everyone back at school on Monday 7th September for Y-Fest.  We hope this letter provides answers to some of the questions you may be asking as the summer holidays draws to a close.
What are the timings of the school day?
We are operating a staggered start and finish to our school day to reduce the number of people on the school grounds at one time.  We ask that only one family member brings and/or collects their children.  This does not need to be the same person on each occasion.
Families of our new Early Years children will already have a timetable for the arrangements for the first week of school.  They will begin their staggered starts from Monday 14th September.
The following classes will start at 8:45am and finish at 3:00pm: Camber, Amberley, Southsea, Pevensey, Hastings.
The following classes will start at 9:00am and finish at 3:15pm: Lewes, Bramber, Portchester, Arundel and Bodiam.
We appreciate that some families will have children with different timings.  We ask that you wait on the large playground continuing to observe social distancing.
Whilst we understand some parents of Year 6 children would want to begin letting them walk to and from school themselves, we would encourage this not to be this case for the first half term.  If, however, there is a strong wish for a Year 6 child to make their journeys to/from school on their own, written permission will be required.  This could be a letter or an email.  Please note Year 6 children will not be allowed to take younger siblings with them.
What does my child need to wear?
On Monday 7th September, all the children need to wear their full school uniform.  We expect lots of you will be taking photographs of your children at the beginning of the new school year.  Don’t forget an extra colourful festival-themed garland or head dress ready for Y-Fest.
From Tuesday 8th September until Friday 18th September, the children need to come to school wearing their school PE kits and trainers.  This may include a plain track suit (or jogging bottoms and sweatshirt) if the weather turns cooler.  The school PE kit does not include school jumpers or cardigans for hygiene reasons.  It doesn’t matter what colour trainers the children wear – we just ask that they are well-fitting and safe for physical activity.
As mentioned on a previous letter, the children will be taking part in a Forest School session during the first two weeks.  On this day the children will need to wear appropriate clothing for being outside in the School Wild Garden.
From Monday 21st September the children will need to go back to wearing their full school uniform and bring in their PE kits and trainers.  We will send the PE kits home for washing at the end of each week.
Please can you ensure each part of the school uniform and PE kit is clearly named.
Quite a large amount of school uniform has remained in school during lockdown and the summer holidays.  We will put these on tables outside the school office on Friday 4th September from 9am until 3pm.  If you decide to come up to the school to claim any bits and pieces, please continue to be aware of the social distancing expectations.
What will my children be learning?
We have carefully planned the first seven weeks of term to ensure a smooth transition back into school for all families. Term will start with out ‘Welcome Fortnight’.  Further details about this and the following weeks are on the school website in the September 2020 section.
How do the class bubbles work in school?
We continue to follow the guidance from the government and the Department for Education. Each class will from its own ‘bubble’ (apart from Lewes and Camber classes – these will from a larger ‘joint bubble’ – due to the arrangement of their indoor and outside spaces and the developmentally appropriate learning provision).  As well as the staggered starts, the school day has been very carefully structured to keep the children and staff as safe as possible.  Measures in place will include separate playtimes and lunchtimes for each class bubble.  Furniture in Bramber, Pevensey, Portchester, Southsea, Arundel, Bodiam and Hastings classrooms has been set up in rows in line with the guidance.  Each class has a designated outdoor space which is available to the children during the day.
Your children will get in to the routine of regular handwashing using soap and water at key points in the day.  Surfaces such as tables and classroom door handles will be cleaned at the end of the morning and the afternoon each day.
Children and staff are not required to wear a face mask or covering at this moment in time.  If a child requires first aid treatment, the qualified member of staff will wear a mask, a disposable apron and a pair of disposable gloves. 
How can I help prepare my family for the return to school?
Take a look at the September 2020 section on our school website where you will find lots of information about our first half term back together as a whole school community.
Look out for a short video from each of the class teachers on our school YouTube channel from Friday 4th September.  You will be able to see the set up the classrooms as well as bring informed about the different entry and exit points for each class.
Over the weekend before Monday, why not come up the school and add a small festival decoration (e.g. bunting, flag, flowers) to our school fence at the front of the school in preparation for Y-Fest?  This will give your children a fun opportunity to rediscover the school run after such a long time away and something to look forward to seeing on the first day of the new school year.
Have an enjoyable end of the week. If you have any final questions or concerns, please contact the school using the office2@yaptonschool.org email address.  Mrs Hayes, Mr Hughes and myself will be outside ready to welcome you on Monday morning.
Take care
Mrs Huggett

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