Welcome to Children’s Mental Health week 2021

The theme this year is ‘EXPRESS YOURSELF!’ 
The week has been introduced by the Duchess of Cambridge. In her introduction she refers to the importance of parent’s mental health in order to support their children. 

DRESS TO EXPRESS DAY – Friday 5th February 2021 
 On Friday we are going to ‘Dress to Express!‘ Wear your favourite colour, favourite outfit, favourite accessory or favourite clothes that you feel ‘express’ you as a person. We would like everyone to take part in this whether you are at home or in school. The outfit can be as simple…or as complicated as you like! Whatever you have in your wardrobe. If you are at home, we would like you to send photos to either our school twitter or to office2@yaptonschool.org and we can compile a gallery with those children who are at school(and have photo permission).

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