At Yapton C. of E. Primary School we believe that to live life in all its fullness we have an open door to learning where…

Maths is all around us, from the money in your pocket to the hexagons in a beehive.  Maths solves problems, tells the time, helps us with our finances and is used in almost every career in some way. Maths can improve your cooking, your measuring, your shopping, your brain and is a universal language that can be spoken all over the world.

At Yapton C. of E. Primary School we believe that our children should have a Mathematics Curriculum that empowers them to be able to ‘live life in all its fullness.’

Our curriculum intent is to enable our children

  • to have a secure understanding of Mathematics and its important role in our world today;
  • to be involved in planning their own mathematical journey and developing their own mathematical abilities;
  • to be confident, independent Mathematicians, who have high aspirations in all that they do;
  • to develop a sense of curiosity and wonder towards Mathematics, to take risks and to be reflective;
  • to engage in purposeful real experiences, using their Mathematical skills and knowledge in a range of different practical and contexts and those relating to everyday life;

to be kind and supportive, sharing their Mathematical skills and knowledge with others, understanding celebrating the uniqueness of individuals and their particular abilities.