Vision & Values

At Yapton CE Primary School we provide ‘An Open Door To Learning’.

Our vision states that:

  • We learn for life
  • We worship together
  • We listen to each other
  • We care for God’s world                         
  • We are one big family

Our Christian values underpin all that we do in school.

Our values are

  • Community
  • Dignity
  • Hope
  • Wisdom


In keeping with statutory requirements, we provide an act of worship every day (whole school or Key Stage), which is broadly Christian in character. The children are taught Christian values and become familiar with the teachings in the Bible. There is a weekly hymn practice when the children are encouraged to enjoy sung worship. We are ably supported by regular visits from local church leaders (Rev Hayes, Hugo Van Driel and Paul Sanderson). The main Christian festivals are celebrated in St Mary’s Church.


The Governors and Staff promote a very strong Christian ethos. Our Christian values have a very positive impact on the curriculum as well as on the whole life of the school. There is a strong focus on learning that underpins a culture of doing our best, taking responsibility, respect and care.