Dear Parents and Carers,

this communication is to share further information regarding the adult cited in The Twitten and the resulting information that has been shared outside of school.

I would like to confirm that the concern raised regarding the adult cited in The Twitten last week has been taken seriously by school and I have met with PC Dan Sibun, our Youth Police Officer, this morning to discuss the actions of the school based on the information that we had been given and the further information that was shared outside of school, not as a communication from school.

Further to that, I can conform that the citing of the adult in The Twitten is currently being looked into and the child and family involved have worked closely with PC Dan Sibun.

In school, we have already spoken to our Year 5 and Year 6 children about ‘keeping safe’ walking to and from school. Mr Cox spoke to these two year groups as they are the children whose parents/carers have requested that they walk home and are not collected from school by their parents/carers. The communications outside of school have involved all year groups which is why this communication is to the whole school.

PC Sibun has advised that if any child ever suspects any suspicious activity whilst walking to and from school without their home grown up, they are to inform their home grown ups and then the adult should call 101 to share the concern/information.

Kind regards

Kim Huggett