Weekly News For Families 19.04.2024

Dear Parents and Carers,

The summer term has begun with a full-on week of learning. On Monday, there were children going on animals hunts and making ladybirds, children flying on Yapton Airways for an adventure to explore the different Australian territories, children marching on a very loud protest after investigating the plight of the world’s rainforests and other children enjoying a film (with popcorn!) after beginning to explore the work of some American artists.

During Monday’s Collective Worship, the children had the chance to explore our THINK ( True, Helpful, Inspiring, Necessaryand Kind) values through the Christian value of Wisdom. The children considered what it means to be wise. They reflected on the meaning of the parable of The Wise and The Foolish Man (click on this linkto watch). Through this story ( Matthew 7:24-27

) Jesus is encouraging people to build strong foundations in their lives on His words. The children were reminded they needed to be wise and THINK first!

Then on Tuesday, Reverend Richard told the children about a lady who lived about 700 years ago and later became known as St Julian of Norwich. She chose to live on her own in a very small space and through her faith in God, she shared her wisdom by writing a book. This book is thought to be the first ever written in English by a woman.

Prayer for the month of April

This month’s school prayer has been inspired by the words from the prayers that were shared in our Easter services. A copy of the prayer is attached so that it can be shared at home.

Amazing Ambassadors

Some of our children have been amazing ambassadors for our school this week. Well done to all of the Year 4 children who had their first swimming session at The Wave in Littlehampton. Everyone involved conducted themselves perfectly – both in their behaviour and they way they encouraged each other when they were in the pool.

A team of Key Stage 1 girls had a fantastic time at a Disney-themed Girls’ Football Event at The Arena in Bognor Regis this afternoon. Well done to Isla, Iyla, Aria, Thea, Isla-jade, Bonnie, Emilia and Ruby-Lee who all came back with lots of smiles after a great afternoon.

St. George’s Day

We look forward to seeing those children who are in St. George’s House come into school wearing red on Tuesday 23rd April.

Wellies Needed

On the same day (Tuesday 23rd April), children in St. Patrick’s House need to bring come into school wearing their normal school uniform for that day but also bring in some wellington boots or other shoes along with a pair of tracksuit bottoms or leggings so that they can enjoy their Merits reward time in the forest.

Village Spring Fair

Please find attached a flyer detailing the May Fair taking place in the village on Monday 6th May.

Scooter Safety

If your child uses their scooter to travel to and from school, please can you ensure they are keeping themselves and others safe – especially when they use Church Lane. A lot of traffic uses this road at the beginning and the end of the school day. Scootering along the road in and out of cars is not safe.

Looking Further Ahead

Hopefully you have got our Country Dance Festival on your calendars and in your diaries: 2pm on Friday 24th May. This unique annual event brings the whole school community together in a brilliant way.

Another whole school event is going to be a Tudor Day on Monday 1st July. Attached are further details about this really exciting day.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend. Let’s hope the Spring sunshine makes more of an appearance..!

Take care

Kim Huggett